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Real Name: Ken
Version: Ubuntu Oolite
Ship: Boa 2 Class Cruiser
Legal Status: Clean

- Fwd Military Laser
- Aft Mining Laser
- 4 ECMH Missiles
- 1 Quirium Mine
- Energy Bomb


- Shield boosters + military enhancement
- Injectors
- Fuel scoop
- Compass enhancement
- Targeting enhancement
- Docking Computer
- Heat Shielding
- Multi-targeting system

Extra info

I found Oolite by simple chance through the Ubuntu add/remove function. I thought i'd give it a go. It is thanks to this wiki that i still play because the controls and docking were so complex to me at first. I have created a single article so far - Cloaking device - but i may make more or make additions to other pages. I am a great fan of Sci-fi books, my favourite authors being Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and E. E. Smith. Series of mention being the Lensmen series, the Foundation series and the Rama series (Smith, Asimov and Clarke respectively). I am still working on keeping the cloaking device in a save file as currently, when i have the device and save, it reverts to strict mode and loses my progress!