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Screen name for John Harper, a Project Engineer from Wellington, New Zealand.


Jack Hamilton is the name of the main character in his first ever story. Jack Hamilton has since taken on many guises, from a wily veteran army commander to a young rookie Super Racer to a burnt out, ex-Marine who drifted on the galactic frontier (This persona later formed into Vasquith de Havilland.

John grew up in Nelson, New Zealand. His life went from revolving around soccer to computer and finally alcohol. A series of one-nighters finally lead to 'The One'. John spent six years at University getting a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He has since moved to Wellington, brought a house, found a great job and will cross over to the 'other side' of married life come July.


John is a writer of elite fiction. His primary character is Vasquith de Havilland. He contributes to the saga that is The Huge Plasma Accelerator 2. He has also written a story on de Havilland before the events of HPA2

There are also several unfinished elite tales on his computer. Some died of natural causes, some mutated into other stories, others were simply lost with the passage of time.


Hobbies include: Motor Racing, Cricket, Writing, Reading, Running and Cars

Being from New Zealand, John's clock is backwards to the European crowd and is working when most are asleep.