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This page contains the Work-In-Progress user manuals for:

KV-16 Torus Field Monitor
KV-32 Torus Field Analyser


Raeddi Systems Ltd. accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of ship, equipment or life to yourself or others due to use of the Raeddi Torus Field Monitor in any capacity. Furthermore, Raeddi Systems does not advocate nor condone the use of the Raeddi Torus Field Monitor as a means of locating other vessels for any illegal activities. Anything which happens to anybody, anywhere, for any reason, is the sole responsibility of the commander.

Declaration of Legitimacy

Raeddi Systems Ltd. is recognized by GalCop as a Mostly Legitimate Enterprise as defined by article XXIII, chapter MMXVI, subsection 32a of the GalCop code of conduct for businesses and other questionable ventures.


The Torus Drive has been the mainstay of intra-system travel since before the time of the legendary Jameson, and it's invention is remembered not only for unifying intra-system space, but also for introducing commanders the galaxy over to the frustration of mass-lock. The number of hours of valuable trading time which have been lost to this inescapable, if seemingly contrived phenomenon, can only be measured as fractions of the age of the Ooniverse.

Raeddi Systems, therefore, is proud to introduce the first piece of technology since the invention of the Witchdrive Fuel Injector which provides commanders with a means to fight back. The Raeddi Torus Field Monitor (RTFM) is the only equipment available today which will provide you with advanced warning of mass-lock, and the only equipment officially endorsed by Cdr. Peter Jameson!*

The next time you engage your Torus Drive, make sure you're Raeddi!

  • As advised by Cdr. Peter Jameson's lawyers, we wish to clarify that Cdr. Jameson does not in any way endorse this equipment, and wish apologise to anyone who mistook this stamement as an official endorement.

Kit Contents

Before installing your KV-16 or KV-32, please ensure your package includes the following items. Note that Raeddi Systems Ltd. recommends installation by a licensed spacecraft mechanic only.

  • 1 x Raeddi KV-16 or KV-32 Torus Field Unit.
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide.
  • 1 x Owners Manual.
  • 1 x Installation chip.
  • 1 x Multi-Universal Serial Bus cable with sub-micron adapter.

Basic usage (KV-16+)

The RTFM requires no manual activation. It is synchronized to the operation of your Torus Drive and will provide all available functionality* without intervention.

In its most basic mode of operation, the RTFM will alert your with an audible alarm and a message on your ship's console when it detects a disturbance in the Torus field. Using the precise metrics of the anomaly, the RTFM will determine the approximate time* to Torus field collapse (and hence, mass lock) if the present heading is maintained. This information will also be supplied to you via your console. If corrective action is taken and the field stability returns to nominal ranges you will be alerted of this fact, again by audible alert and a message on your console.

  • Raeddi Systems recommends you read the notes under "Limitations"

Tyley-Feynman GW-99 integration

With the reluctant cooperation of Tyley-Feynman engineers, we are pleased to offer the following enhancements to users of the GW-99 Advanced Space Compass. Space Compass Heading (KV-16+): Upon detecting a Torus disturbance, your Advance Space Compass will indicate the general direction of the disturbance under the symbol "m<>". HUD indicator (KV-32 only): The computed location of the disturbance will also be displayed on your HUD in the form of a waypoint reticle.

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