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The Equipment

A complete list of all the equipment found in the merchandise info . All below listed equipment left directly to their entry.


The Armament currently covers a wide spectrum in the field of radiation weapons. Projectile weapons in the form of missiles and torpedoes have recently also in use.

To distinguish the weapons, there are different criteria: mass destruction force required skills, hit probability, required technology level, ability to critical hits, and different prices.

Pulse Lasers

1 MW Pulse Laser 5 MW Pulse Laser 15 MW Pulse Laser 25 MW Pulse Laser

The Pulse Laser is the perfect weapon for a small budget - robust, space saving and cheap. It is well suited to vaporize smaller asteroids, and more. Even if the damage output of 1 t from entry level is not exactly huge - but constant dripping wears away the stone! While the larger models have higher destructive power, but the mass / destruction ratio is not optimal. These weapon's biggest weakness is that a pulse laser need some time to recharge and thus can not be fired every round.

Beam Lasers

1 MW Beam Laser 4 MW Beam Laser 10 MW Beam Laser 20 MW Beam Laser 100 MW Beam Laser

The laser beams provide the ultimate of conventional weapons with a reliable steady damage output shows that the technology is mature and proven, in short, price-performance ratio is the best.

Plasma Accelerator

Nano Plasma Accelerator Micro Plasma Accelerator Tiny Plasma Accelerator Small Plasma Accelerator Large Plasma Accelerator

Although plasma accelerators have been on the on the market for a long time, the new smaller devices have only recently made commercially available. Rumour has it that a disgruntled military officer, who had been passed over for promotion, leaked the plans to a small manufacturer for a percentage share. The company (MSp MicroSpecialplasmatics) is now dominant in the field of plasma weapons. Plasma weapons use result in the highest weapon effect with minimum space requirements. However, the price is astronomically high. The two largest systems can cause very serious damage to a target's internal systems.

Special Weapons / Weapons Research

The new generation of weapons systems: All of them not only once on the open market available, cover a wide range of destructive power. All of these weapon systems have a certain chance to cause critical hits. They are available in various sizes and forms. Some are even able to bypass shields in part. Details can the tech tree be removed.


Interplanetary drives

Interplanetary drive Although the acceleration of a spaceship depends on the space ship type, without an at least interplanetary drive to stay there, where you are! For interplanetary trade this drive but already enough. The Propulsionsgenerator is already proven and so long in use that no one can say something about the origins more.


Hyperdrive Class I Hyperdrive Class II Hyperdrive Class III Hyperdrive Class IV Hyperdrive Class V Hyperdrive Class VI Hyperdrive Class VII Hyperdrive Class VIII

The default drive for the spaceships. What is needed is hydrogen as an energy source. This can be bought cheaply or easily obtained with a fuel tank filler neck in the orbit of a gas giant. For technical reasons, there are no major Hyperdrives than the type 8 in use. Rumors say that even the military has abandoned the further development because supposedly better ways were found. A hyperspace takes flight at optimum skill and maximum range (this is depending on the drive and ship size variable) exactly one hour. For shorter routes or a higher skill, this time is reduced accordingly, while it is increased by a too low skill. (Details on reach see 3.4 ships , details on skill requirements and implications see 3.6.5 machine )

Military Hyperdrives

Military Hyperdrive Class I Military Hyperdrive Class II Military Hyperdrive Class III Military Hyperdrive Class IV

The operation of the military Hyperdrives is basically similar to that of the standard models. Here are the differences: These drives require due to their compact design, just a little more than half the space of a corresponding standard engine. However, one flaw of these engines is the fact that they require a special and therefore expensive 'military' fuel. This must be purchased at a station. This fuel is not completely converted into energy, no, it creates a corresponding amount of radioactive waste that is declared even in some systems to be illegal! The Galactic Environment Protection Association is working hard to promote the branding of the military drive and its waste. Since the drive only with Help enormous technical measures can be produced, the prices are staggering and there are so far - officially -. merely copies to class 4 for sale is also a risk that is triggered when activating the drive by the reaction of a wormhole is opened!

Wrap drives

Wrap Drive Class I Wrap Drive Class II Wrap Drive Class III Wrap Inducer Class I Wrap Inducer Class II Wrap Inducer Class III Wrap Inducer Class IV Wrap Inducer Class V Wrap Inducer Class VI

A third type of drives in addition to the classic Hyperdrive and the military Hyperdrive. With the wrap-drive can be any distance and enable good whatsoever between change course. However, the flight required too much energy. This energy supply so-called wrap-inducers. The wrap inductors are available in six classes. You can install more inductors, then sums the energy provided power. Each inductor can store energy, so it is both energy producers and energy storage. Moreover, of course, is the energy consumption of the drive depends on the current speed. If you have enough energy available, and the wrap-drive is powerful enough, you can (almost) fly at any speed, from one system to the next.

Navigation Aids

To simplify the fly longer distances and around the pilot to provide you with information, there are some - proven - navigation aids.


Autopilot Who does not know - missed opportunities and a lack of sleep, just because it is necessary for a hyperspace stage to perform calculations and to take the next leap. For this problem, there is a very good remedy, the autopilot. He calculated the terms up to the respective jump points in the systems and also provides the option available - as long as the fuel is sufficient - execute multiple jumps in succession.

Ship Scanner

Ship Scanner The ship scanner belongs to the class of short-range sensors that are coupled to the target acquisition systems, the command posts. Without ship scanner, the hit rate drops significantly (by 100%-points). This value is not displayed in crew, but flows directly into the combat calculation! Additional ship scanners increase the detection range for scanned items under "Objects". Here, up to 7 scanners add to their effects.

Radar Mapper

Radar Mapper Did not you ever want to see your neighbor / neighbor under the trousers? (WTF? - JazHaz ) Here is ... - figuratively - that aids this: The radar map recorder will list you all the equipment of the same planetary system as you flying spaceships on. In addition, the card writer calculated for the current arrival of the enemy ships. Though still there is no information about freight or activated equipment available, you can still have go so many senseless fight out of the way. A second radar map recorder allows a view of the cargo of other ships and a third describes the current core state. further have no effect.

Hyperspace Cloud Analyser

Hyperspace Cloud Analyser This device shows in Hyperspace clouds (resulting in every jump with a hyperdrive in the source and target system) where the ship is bound or where it comes from. And also reports the tonnage of the vessel.

Other Accessories

Fuel Scoop

Fuel Scoop This built-in module is for economical pilot or space-trotter who do not hurry. The fuel scoop is effective on gas giants and wins fuel, which is however available only for the standard hyperspace drives. However, this equipment is already common, who was traveling with too little fuel have helped out of the predicament - bad luck if no gas giant in the system only.

Cargo Scoop Converter

Thus, a cargo hatch is a great thing, because you survived a space battle, you can - like for Christmas - see in their own cargo holds, what it there so new there ... However, it can sometimes give unpleasant surprises when it, for example, illegal goods are and the police will notice that! However, always be passed within a reasonable distance from one station to the All freight. You can also dump cargo in space with this equipment. Useful if you are in a system where radioactives are illegal.

Cargo Bay Life Support

Cargo Bay Life Support Should you live animals must be transported, so it is advisable to have installed the additional life support, otherwise comes at the destination only (dead) to fresh meat. Also for passenger transport such a part is needed.

Passenger Cabin

Passenger Cabin Would anyone like to act in passenger transport, it is necessary that he per passenger At length a corresponding passenger cabin. These units are self-sufficient and do not burden apart from the space consumption of resources of the spaceship. But who wants to play tourist coachman? People mostly know everything better, are unruly and also kidnappers were there already there ...

Repair Unit

Repair unit This equipment is an achievement in the field of nanotechnology. Even if the module has a proud 40t mass, the benefits are astonishing. Repair any damage to the hull of the spacecraft as well as equipment, whether by enemy fire or by carelessness of the pilot (clear, no one here cooked up on) were created. This module enhances the car repair. The repair is done only outside of combat. Maximum 3 of these units add up.

Escape Pod

Escape pod The escape pod is used when one is once fired. Puts you one automatically to the next habitable system. The ship and crew is lost, but the player keeps his skills and cash. Without escape pod you start again at 0. Attention! Although the escape pod saves before the reset, but you have to put together a new ship again only! The costs included driving, weapons and equipment at least 25,880 credits (Eagle MK I, Hyperdrive I ship scanner, atmospheric shield, 1MW pulse laser). Here, take the ship friendly local retailer that emerged from the escape capsule, Interplanetary Shuttle including drive like in payment. The Trade-in is already included in the above cost!

Laser Cooling Booster

Laser Cooling Booster The laser cooling booster lowers the operating temperature of the weapon to a degree that allows for some weapons to put more energy into the shot. Thereby the weapon damage increases depending on the weapon to 0-30% The cooling boosters have only with larger weapons sense because the small of the energy increase does not benefit. One required per active weapon a cooling boosters, but these are then automatically activated.

Atmospheric shielding

Atmospheric shielding This shield protects a ship during re-entry into the atmosphere of a planet from burning out. If you have none on board, the landing on the planet and thus the dock no longer possible to ground stations.

Colony equipment

Colony Equipment This compact system includes everything needs a colony for the first survival. The purchase price is also equal to the recruitment costs for the first colonists included. For application information, 3.10.2 setting up a station

Special Equipment / Research Equipment

There are a number of specialized equipment that is on the open market once unavailable. This almost all ship systems can be upgraded. There are armor, computers, shields, target systems, Tarnvorichtungen and much more.

Particularly noteworthy are here:


These serve private stations to attack.

Missiles and torpedoes

These weapons are used up, they should therefore be used with care.

Military units

If required to take to stations.


The planet destroyer generated that leads to overload of station reactors a field. When used against a station, the entire planet is completely destroyed. It remains an asteroid field. The system can not be used against hidden stations because their camouflaged reactors have a special shield and sit deep inside.

Emergency Hyperdrive

Where an escape capsule saves one life, it can be said auxiliary drive with the whole crew. And not only that, but the ship is propelled in an emergency out of harms way. Attention: A hyperspace field breaker on an enemy ship also prevents the escape with this emergency system!

Flight computer

With the flight computer, it is possible to calculate the shortest route between system. These systems are taken from the missions, and the starting system. If you have made ​​a flight computer on board, an additional menu appears under the mission list, which allows you to configure and start the flight computer (left side). The findings come after the calculation by message and are then displayed for a few days on the right side.

Note : Some equipment is cumulative, others are not. Appropriate references are in descriptions and are therefore not discussed further here. Details can the tech tree be removed.