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There is nothing to do here.

1) Link in Tionisla Reporter so that it starts here. Maybe start off with rumours in the Tionisla main orbital station that TC is looking for a pilot ("go to the TCA if you want more detail..."). On arrival at TCA, ushered into office of executive who makes the offer with a wall map showing Biorle.

2) Bar with news generated by GNN. Maybe meet one or two reporters...

3) Chandlery with special deals (5% off?, 10% off?) on relevant equipment.

  • Vanilla equipment:

External Heat Shielding, Fuel Scoops, Advanced Navigational Array, Advanced Navigational Array, Escape Pod, Wormhole Scanner, Galactic Hyperdrive, Witchdrive Fuel Injectors & Scanner Targeting Enhancement.

  • OXP equipment:
Missiles & Bombs: (ETT Homing) Beacon Launcher & Missile, Decoy Mine, Tracker Missile, Probe Missile, Distress Beacon
Advanced Navigation Computer, Bounty Scanner, Camera Drones, Cargo Scanner OXP, Comms Relay Beacon Switch, Comms Relay Beacon Switch Recharge, Electronic Thumb, Elite Rank Scanner, Escape Pod Locator, Galactic Almanac MFD Unit, GalCop Scanner, Glare Clarifier, Glare Filter (up to G).

4) New missions...