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Nice looking page - your graphics work well... and the laser looks good!

Personally speaking, I think it would be very nice to have more graphics of equipment dotted around this wiki. Well done for finding one!

As regards the Gameplay balance rating as green, one would normally asssume, that if I can buy the Thargoid weaponry but the NPCs rarely have them, that this OXP favours my game play (blue/violet) rather than being neutral (green). But is that what is meant?


Thanks, but I merely adjusted your prior work to the new release. The laser was a sudden thought and came from Google images, a place where you could find 1000s of pictures to nearly every topic.

Regarding the balance, you are correct, I just copied & past and forgot to change the color. Thanks for the reminder.

Montana05 / 2021-08-16 15:00