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Talked to Wombat about this before posting. This new version does not change anything in Thargoid Wars, except add in Eric's code fix as a condition to any script command that displays a mission briefing. This stops the "Dreaded Mission Briefing Screen Clash Bug"!

Other OXPers should take note, the fix is just to add "gui_screen_string oneof GUI_SCREEN_STATUS, GUI_SCREEN_EQUIP_SHIP, GUI_SCREEN_MARKET, GUI_SCREEN_SHORT_RANGE_CHART" as a condition to displaying a mission briefing. That way your OXP won't put up a briefing if another OXP has already "bagged" the mission screen and will wait until the player has seen the other briefing before showing its briefing. Do use it, as then your OXP won't clash with anyone elses!

I playtested this a lot throwing Thargoid Wars at Assassins and it worked every time. The code fix must be applied to both OXPs however. If you played with the old version of Thargoid Wars installed then a code fix applied to (say) Assassins won't work! Version 1.3 of Assassins has the code fix in. But if you used 1.2 of Assassins with the new updated version of Thargoid Wars, the fix does not work as both OXP must have the fix applied.

Thargoid Wars and Military OXP are the main "offenders" though, as these OXPs can run in any galaxy so are most likley to conflict with other OXPs. Eg the Longway Around could never conflict with (say) Lovecats as the two run in different Galaxies. G4 is pretty packed with missions however, so it would be handy of the authors of G4 OXPs updated their code.

LittleBear - 19/7/07