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This page arose out of a PM-correspondance with the gentleman who wrote this PM:

Re: New Lore page in wiki

  • Sent: Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:58 am
  • From: user2357
  • Recipient: Cholmondely

Thank you, Commander Cholmondeley.

Looks like a very good idea, providing a single page from where all other discussions on the topic may be accessed. :D

I would like to suggest some tweaks, if I may... :)

1. The image of the Manual cover seems to upset the page lay-out a bit. I think it would be more reader-friendly if the first sentence were not broken up. (That long number is rather Hitchhiker-esque, which I enjoy. ... - and which ties in with other Galactic Hitchhiker themes incorporated in the original 1984 Elite.) :wink:

2. The image of the Manual cover is actually that of a reprinted version, as evinced by the copyright statement: "Acornsoft Limited 1986", and the code number "0449, 164" on the back cover. The true 1984-original rather had instead "1984" and "SBG38/B1". Other than that, there are no major differences between the two versions. The true original can be downloaded from ... b46dfb7fe4, but does not provide such a nice, opened front and back cover combo image as what you have there already, and ... no-one else will probably notice anyway. :wink:

3. In the Features table, I would suggest 'Number of "Universes"' be changed to 'Number of Charts" (or "Maps", or similar). IMHO, the eight charts of the original Elite were merely maps of eight separate regions within the Milky Way Galaxy, and not eight separate galaxies or universes in themselves.

4. With regard to Classic Elite, I would also suggest some reference to Andy Redman's "Imprint" which was apparently released together with PC Elite Plus in 1991 in stead of Robert Holdstock's "Elite: The Dark Wheel" ( ... ction.html).

5. With regard to finding a possible middle-ground compromise between the two schools of thought, mention might also be made of Dylan Smith's "The Virtuous Misfortune" which was apparently the first piece of Oofiction in 2006. (

Thanks, again, Commander. I consider this a worthy and practicable addition to our discussion to which I will most probably refer again in future. Truly, a useful resource indeed!

Core Lore Discussion: His literary predilictions would seem to indicate that User2357 suffers syncretist sympathies. The purity of his purism is not to be taken for granted