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The model file doesn't have a size in it - if anyone knows the actual size of this ship please update this page! --Winston

yes, it's pre-Wings. someone with Meshwork (or Drydock?) will have to measure.. Murgh

I'm a bit surprized by your "it's ugly" review... I think it looks quite nice, almost svelte, and surely a lot more agile than a Python or Boa... Also, in the same vein, I don't think the dark picture doesn't do it justice...--Rxke 08:15, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

Opinion is divided?

Feel free to make an 'opinion is divided' on the overview :-)

If you have a better picture, please add that too - it was the first Josher I'd seen in a long time (I try and take ship pictures in-game so the ship is seen in context, and it's also a fun little mission) -- Winston

you must be keeping the ancient mPak to get a picture like that. here's a brighter one..Murgh

whaddayamean: opinion is divided? (Laughs)

Kinda hard to squeeze an 'opinion is divided' in such a review, heehee. Also, my bad English will stick out as a sore thumb...

but... A try:

....however, much of the initial criticism stemmed from the sub-par, dimly-lit showroom vidcasts, used by the first-generation marketdroids that -thanks to the novelty of this revolutionary advertising sheme- got too much attention, and it was not until traders saw the ship in flight that they realised it had a lot going for it: it's definitely a lot more agile than traderships with the same cargo-capacity, and its elongated shape and four energybanks make it just that bit harder to be ambushed from behind by pirates. But the initial ridicule it received in the press forced Aegidian Inc., who greatly misjudged the market-enthousiasm to sell the first, quite sizeable, factoryrun at bottomprices. Even then, sales remained slow, young traders looking to upgrade their ships were looking for something more flashy, and the ones that got sold ended up in the hands of predominantly grisly veteran traders that had temporarily run out of luck financially and bought the ship for its characteristics, not for its looks. These morose types made things even worse for the ship's already disastreous reputation, and despite the grudging respect it's starting to get over the years, the Josher will probably forever subconsciously elicit a negative impression...

(boy, in Dutch we call this kind of stuff 'word-diarrheae'(sp?)--Rxke 21:45, 18 January 2006 (UTC)