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Does this table (and for that matter, page) appear to be the kind of structure we want for ship pages. Nice pic BTW :) --RavenRed 23:08, 4 January 2006 (UTC)

Needs templates

The layout can probably be improved by making a "Frontier-Ship" template (for FE:2 and FFE ships - the stats are different for classic Elite and Oolite ships so they would need their own templates). The template should contain a space for an image of the ship then the statistics below, and then placed on the right hand of the page.

We do?

I liked the box used for the games themselves, but I couldn't quite customise it. I agree that a set of templates would be quite good, but would this require us to place different Version Ships on different pages? (not saying that that's a bad idea). --RavenRed

Several templates per page

The template isn't for the entire page, but just for the stats box. You can have more than one per page, and different ones per page (see some of the chemistry entries on Wikipedia for the use of multiple templates on a single article). The template will just give a standard layout for the ship stats (which aids maintainability - if the look of the stats table needs to be changed, it then happens for all stats boxes and you don't have to edit every single page). Templates are good for this kind of thing - separating content from layout.

...oh, and to modify a template, look at its page (such as Template:Foo or Template:infobox_CVG) I still don't know all there is to be known about templates though :-)