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One should perhaps also make clear that an OXZ is just a zipped OXP - there is essentially no difference between the two... One rather simple step added to the tweaking process: create a folder in AddOns with an .oxp extension, and unzip the contents of the oxz to it (after renaming it .zip). Presto! - an OXP.

Also that an OXZ, to be accepted, must contain a manifest.plist, whereas a pure OXP needs only a requires.plist. The belt'n'braces approach is to include both.


Thank you for this - I will do so, PG. And, thanks for sorting out the link for the updated Frontier game. It is very comforting to know that you are keeping an eye out for where I get things befuddled!

I've not yet managed to find how to successfully compress the Traders Almanach (I think it may be a folder issue) - and the current version only covers some 90 systems in Galaxy One. I hope to redo it from scratch if I can: then I can slap on a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license!

I have indeed taken to following your updates and additions here (which are both excellent and much-needed), since it's a great way of familiarizing myself with the Wiki's most important content...
re your Almanach repackaging project: if you're doing it under Windows (I couldn't comment on the Mac), you should just be able to multi-select the Config and Script folders and other gubbins, right-click, and select 'add to zip'. After creating your new manifest.plist, of course (in a decent text-editor like Notepad++).
Without further details on your progress to date, I can't really offer much else in the way of help or suggestions...
The above assuming, of course, that you have 7Zip, WinRar or Winzip installed - they all add entries to the system context menu. Another tactic is simply to create an empty zip archive somewhere, then multi-select the OXP gubbins and drag and drop to it. I'm saying all this only because you mentioned a 'folder issue'. I mean, it's not as if we're still using DOS or CP/M ;)