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Does this look like the kind of format we want? (NB: Check the subcategories page at the bottom. Each of these should branch off from "First Encounters") --RavenRed 22:56, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

Looks good

It looks good to me. I'm sort of new at this Wiki thing, so I have to defer to the more experienced! Subcategories will help the main page from getting cluttered but allow things like a 'How to install' subcategory for things like FFE which is an article in its own right.

Why thank you! I'm thinking that ships could perhaps be standalone names rather than sub-pages, however, as some are not unique to an individual game (Cobra Mk III for example). We could then include the game-specific info on the single Ship Page. --RavenRed 00:21, 4 January 2006 (UTC)


Hm, yes. I think ships should have pages in their own right perhaps with a disambiguation page for where the ship appears in more than one (conflicting) version of the game. The Cobra Mk.3 is essentially the same for FE:2 and FFE, so you'd have Cobra Mk III (FE2/FFE) and Cobra Mk III (Classic Elite).


Being that it is illegal to own JJFFE and illegal for him to make it, should we be advertising it on a wiki?

Well, if you start to go down that road, all of us who have a link to JJFFE on our websites could be in trouble! However, your point is well taken; I will add something to the JJFFE page to this effect.
On second thoughts, I'll leave it. The situation is explained perfectly well on John's page.