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Cholmondely, if you don't mind I will give this page an overhaul, more facts and less lore ;)

Montana05 / 2021/05/28 08:03


No fuss! I badly wish I'd put Redspear's FdL up instead. This one left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. No balance in the ship and too much vulgarity in the description. Together with all the gubbins about Caduceus & Neo-Caduceus which I didn't get (it seemed rather mixed-up). AngusClyde's Shulth literature can be a bit vulgar too, but I can also see it counting as art. Not Dark Rainbow, though.

When I do eventually move on to Redspear's FdL, I'll probably beg you then for help deciphering the ship statistics. I just could not face it with this one, I'm afraid.

But I feel that I must do some more on the F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/F7/F8 screens first. I think it important to try and list all the options for each and where they come from, if I can. That should give the Hirans of this world half a chance to work out what's what when they download 250 OXPs without ever having touched the Vanilla game. Cholmondeley 02:50, 28 May 2021 (BST)


As soon as I am tired of coding I will have a closer look at both ships, most likely re-write their history as well. However, if you need help for statistics or anything else just pm me, no missions please. :D

Montana05 / 2021/05/28 09:29