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Stuff to eventually decide

Q: Just humans? What about felines? Lobstoids, etc.
A: Every species is welcome to worship the Holy Witchspace Guard (some systems are actually non-human)

Q: Need list of all dictatorships in the Eight and work out which are military juntas, Imperial & CHWG
A: I can run you a scan (will take some time) or you can use phkb's browser map. However, the numbers would change if another form of dictatorship would be introduced.

Q: Which are their main systems? Any bits of Confederacies/Multi-Govs or even Feudal States/Anarchies etc?
A: Well, it's an addition to dictators, therefore the main systems are mainly-industrial dictatorship systems. Certainly their influence and church centers (not high temples) could be found in all other government systems as well.

Q: Is it decentralised (like most Protestant denominations & Sunni Islam) or centralised (like Catholicism) or something else?
A: Every system is under the leadership of a cardinal, if there are councils for every sector or a "pope" for the entire church is still a well guarded secret of the church. (honestly, I haven't decided yet, I will make up my mind when I start to work on this OXP again)

Q: How much of the above actually needs to be decided, and how much can be safely left indeterminate?

New stuff

Q:*Powers (magical, as intimated in Dictators thread/scientific as below): how about adding some GNN news items which would display this?
A:* I could do that, I would prefer a mixture of both, mainly technological combined with partly superhuman.

Q:*I think that the church needs to be relatively weak. It is an addition to the game, and is not lore-based, and so the idea of being centred in a mere handful of "mainly industrials" seems "spot on" to me. There would be other areas (such as Qutiri's Bishopric) but these would barely contribute to the military strength and would indeed provide a distraction. Maybe decide on a handful of other areas and each might have an occasional "light patrol" so to speak (if easily oxp-able).
A:* While the church is a dictatorship, it mainly centers on his own business, strong patrols in their systems but nothing out there. I might add some fights with Communist in the future.

Q:*But what is the Theology? What is the Holy Witchspace Guard? Why are they called that?

Guarding the Holiness of Witchspace? How? What?
Guarding it against Thargoids? (And what about the Witchspace Lobsters? Enemies? Allies?)
Are they really based in WitchSpace? Is that oxp-able? Or do they have a lost temple in Witchspace that they are searching for?

A:* Honestly, I don't know. Cynic as I am, I would say, guarding Witchspace from all more or less inferior races below. The 5-dimsion only belong to evolved races. Based in Witchspace ? I can't script is so no way for now. Relationship with Witchspace lobsters ? I would consider them as a cult, not really a religion.