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WIP, please stand by. Cholmondely, if you have time you are very welcome to help out. ;)

Montana05 / 2021-10-08 / 20:18

Red Herring: Do you understand how the Coluber ships relate to their names?

I'm after the difference between Coluber CPV-9333 Pitviper & Coluber CPV-12375 Pitviper Mk. II

I think that the first is Coluber Pitviper. But the second?

Coluber is a snake:, I will be happy to find out the differences for you tomorrow after my first coffee. Today, I am a bit exhausted, shouldn't even start this page.

Btw, thanks for helping out, really appreciated. :)

Montana05 / 2021-10-08 / 21:22

It seems you found the difference in the meanwhile, at least there are link for both ships.

Montana05 / 2021-10-09 / 07:04

No, I didn't! I merely found references to both which never explained what the second was, which oxp it was in or anything else. I was looking at that page again just shortly before seeing your message here (I'd written that piece back in December last year!).


1) is "Marks at the GalCop Security Offices are not indent with the ones in the cantinas !" supposed to be identical?
2) what are you thinking of for this one? Is it partly modelled on Elite Trader OXZ? Have you tried it? There are messages from the guild and a helpful guild office, etc.
3) as regards coming up with ideas, this is not my area. But it seems very much to be Wyvern's area - he's written several oxp's aimed at bounty hunters.

1) The marks could, but need not, be the same. GalCop is looking for criminals, sometimes exclusively for their members, while the cantinas offer "killer for hire" as well.
2) I admit that I never tried it. The "you ain't not kill" cause isn't working particular well for a bounty hunter guild member. However, I will have a look with in the code.
3) I guessed that you will response like that, seems I need to update it step by step whenever I got a new inspiration.

Thank you for your proofreading, I rely nowadays too much on autocorrection, sometimes with unwanted results.

Montana05 / 2022-05-03 / 17:22

1) so it's just a case of adding to the GalCop list? That might be easier to programme, I guess...
2) The reason I feel it is relevant is the way in which Guild Members are treated in-game by the Guild... it's cleverly done
3) One idea so far is looking at Elite Trader.
Another is to give choice between a heavy Guild with lots of oomph (as seemingly preferred by both you and Wyvern) and a much less impressive Guild in an Ooniverse without the Galactic Navy, where GalCop has few resources and can do much less. Maybe a switch in Lib_Config on the F4 screen?