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Quick Summary:


Double injector speed bonus for scooped fuel from systems with the larger main planets


Scoop fuel as normal, if the system main planet is big enough then a message will confirm you are scooping 'premium' fuel and subsequent injector use will be boosted
On purchasing fuel or scooping from an unsuitable star the 'premium' fuel will be diluted and the bonus lost


Fuel scooping is an underused element of gameplay IMO and largely because the risk and time required are not balanced by the reward
Bonus only applied at some stars rather than all - bonus should not become mundane I think
Uses planet radius rather than stars as it is less commonly manipulated by oxps and additionally it is visible on the galactic charts
Larger main planets tend to 'orbit' the larger stars and they are the most dangerous to scoop from

Gameplay Possibilites:

Before heading into a dangerous system, a pilot may wish to make a detour in order to scoop from a particular star
Pilots of slower or more vulnerable ships may wish to look for routes that include the relevant stars
Motivation to sun-skim in the first place (outside of a mission)

  • In future I may wish to vary the bonus based on star colour or similar.
  • Double bonus may be a touch on the generous side however this version should be quite playable IMHO.

Available from the download manager.

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