Shuttle (classic)

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Orbit Shuttle
Dimensions 35 x 20 x 20
Cargo capacity 60 TC
Armaments None
Maximum speed 0.08 LM
In-service date 2856 AD, Saud-Kruger
Maneuverability CF 4
Crew 6
Drive motors V & K 20.20
StarMat drive
Hull stress factor T Ko 28
Hyperspace capable No
Game versions Classic


These unarmed and often unmanned craft are built under license in every planetary system. Based on a prototype developed by Saud-Kruger AstroDesign, they are used for cargo ferrying between planet and space station, but can be modified to hospital ships, or orbiting prisons. Favorite targets for small-time criminals, because of their instantaneous release of cargo canisters, they are often followed by single fighter patrol ships.


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