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Ship Name Chance to Appear Revised Tech Levels Ext Cargo Cap. Max Speed Energy Banks Missile Slots Possible Equipment Roll/Pitch Gun Mounts Energy Recharge Rate
'Sun' Ray Very Rare 4-7 5 t 0.39 LS 4 1 No MilSh & ECC 2.8/2.1 Fore 3.5
A-Wing Very Common 14+ None 0.60 LS 6 4 No ECC 1.5/1.5 All 7.5
Adder Unusual 1-4 2 t 0.24 LS 1 1 No MilSh & ECC 2.8/2.0 Fore 2.0
Adder (2nd Hand) Rare 1-4 2 t 0.23 LS 1 1 No MilSh & ECC 2.5/2.0 Fore 2.0
Adder Generic Racer Rare 1-4 3 t 0.27 LS 1 1 No MilSh & ECC 2.9/2.0 Fore 1.5
Adder Mk II Common 6-9 22 t 0.40 LS 2 3 All 2.8/1.5 Fore, Aft 4.0
AnacondaRare12+750 t0.14 LS77No Shields, No ECC0.75/0.4All3.0714.150 Cr
Anaconda (2nd Hand)Rare13+750 t0.13 LS97No MilSh & ECC0.75/0.4All3.0946.000 Cr
AphidUnusual4-75 t0.38 LS31No Shields, No ECC2.5/1.9Fore, Aft4.076.000 Cr
Asp ExplorerCommon4-75 t0.38 LS51No ECC1.8/0.9Fore, Aft4.2598.900 Cr
Asp Mark IUnusual3-63 t0.36 LS41No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft3.566.360 Cr
Asp Mark IICommon5-8None0.39 LS51No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.0101.600 Cr
Asp Mark II SpecialCommon5-8None0.40 LS51No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.0136.080 Cr
Asp MkIICommon5-8None0.40 LS51No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.0120.960 Cr
B-WingStandard14+30 t0.48 LS712All1.5/1.0All6.02.070.000 Cr
Bandy-Bandy CourierCommon5-85 t0.415 LS32No ECC2.3/1.5Fore, Aft3.5123.800 Cr
Black Monk GunshipUnusual14+None0.45 LS166No ECC2.0/1.0All11.02.544.700 Cr
BoaUnusual8-11125 t0.24 LS74No MilSh & ECC2.8/1.0All3.0315.200 Cr
Boa (2nd Hand)Unusual7-10125 t0.23 LS64No MilSh & ECC2.8/1.0All3.0286.600 Cr
Boa Class CruiserUnusual11-14175 t0.312 LS85No ECC2.5/1.0All3.2679.900 Cr
Boa Class Cruiser (2nd Hand)Unusual11-14175 t0.305 LS85No ECC2.5/1.0All3.2644.500 Cr
BTL-53 Y-WingStandard11-1425 t0.40 LS68All1.0/1.8All5.0620.500 Cr
Cat Mark ICommon6-95 t0.42 LS64No ECC1.4/1.1Fore, Aft3.0177.000 Cr
ChameleonCommon5-845 t0.30 LS44All2.2/1.2Fore, Aft3.0115.500 Cr
Chopped CobraUnusual6-933 t0.36 LS53All2.25/1.25All3.0174.650 Cr
ChuckwallaUnusual4-71 t0.375 LS42No ECC2.2/1.7Fore, Aft3.092.900 Cr
Cobra III NjXCommon7-1027 t0.375 LS44All2.4/1.2All4.2209.700 Cr
Cobra III NjX (Ex-Mil)Common7-1023 t0.39 LS44All2.7/1.4All4.5269.000 Cr
Cobra Clipper SARCommon5-815 t0.375 LS44All1.8/0.95Fore4.0113.400 Cr
Cobra Clipper StealthVery Rare5-815 t0.375 LS54All1.8/0.95Fore4.0136.080 Cr
Cobra CourierCommon7-1035 t0.37 LS54All2.0/1.0All3.75210.600 Cr
Ship NameChance to AppearRevised Tech Levels Extended Cargo CapacityMaximum SpeedEnergy BanksMissile SlotsPossible EquipmentRoll/PitchGun MountsEnergy Recharge RateRevised Ship Price
Cobra Courier SECommon6-930 t0.37 LS52All2.2/1.1All4.0178.600 Cr
Cobra Mark IUnusual2-510 t0.25 LS21No MilSh & ECC2.0/1.2Fore, Aft2.533.270 Cr
Cobra Mark I 'Grim'Rare2-5None0.285 LS31No MilSh & ECC2.2/1.4Fore, Aft2.540.070 Cr
Cobra Mark II-XCommon3-612 t0.348 LS33No ECC2.0/1.125Fore, Aft3.070.800 Cr
Cobra Mark IIICommon6-935 t0.36 LS44All2.0/1.0All4.0165.000 Cr
Cobra Mark III (2nd Hand)Common5-835 t0.34 LS34All2.0/1.0All4.0132.300 Cr
Cobra Mark III (YAH)Common4-733 t0.34 LS34No Military Shield2.0/1.0Fore, Aft3.084.000 Cr
Cobra MkIUnusual2-510 t0.26 LS21No MilSh & ECC2.0/1.2Fore, Aft2.533.080 Cr
Cobra MkIIIStandard6-935 t0.35 LS44All2.0/1.0All4.0150.000 Cr
Cobra RapierCommon6-912 t0.38 LS43All2.2/1.1All4.0164.600 Cr
Condor FlagshipStandard if Deadly15+1215 t0.52 LS710ECC not applicable0.8/0.4All+Special4.015.417.000 Cr
ConstrictorRare if Dangerous15+15 t0.60 LS73No Shields, No ECC2.5/1.75All16.03.470.000 Cr
Cribo Mark II ChicaneerCommon5-8None0.48 LS41Nearly nothing2.8/1.5Fore3.0104.000 Cr
Cribo Mark IV ChicaneerCommon5-8None0.482 LS41Nearly nothing2.7/1.6Fore3.0104.000 Cr
Deep Space DredgerStandard15+2015 t0.10 LS1012ECC not applicable0.1/0.1Fore, Aft+Special20.08.000.000 Cr
Delta Long-Range EscortCommon4-7None0.36 LS44No ECC1.8/1.0Fore4.079.800 Cr
Dragon Assault CraftRare8-1115 t0.37 LS48No ECC2.2/1.2Fore, Aft6.0317.500 Cr
DrakeCommon2-54 t0.30 LS31No ECC2.5/1.5Fore2.546.180 Cr
Drake Mk IICommon5-815 t0.36 LS46No ECC2.0/1.0Right4.5133.780 Cr
Eagle Mk IIRare2-510 t0.24 LS12No ECC2.0/1.0All2.543.850 Cr
Eagle Mk II (Black)Very Rare3-611 t0.25 LS22No ECC2.4/1.2All3.061.300 Cr
Eel RapierCommon7-1010 t0.495 LS43No ECC1.8/0.7All4.0277.500 Cr
ExcaliburRare6-910 t0.40 LS34All2.7/1.7Fore4.5174.640 Cr
Far StarCommon6-945 t0.35 LS52No Shields, No ECC2.7/1.2Fore, Aft7.0194.640 Cr
FalconStandard15+135 t0.52 LS78All1.6/1.2All5.03.384.000 Cr
Falcon-SUnusual15+135 t0.52 LS78All1.6/1.2All5.03.384.000 Cr
Fer-de-LanceUnusual5-812 t0.30 LS22No ECC3.6/1.0All4.5103.000 Cr
Fer-de-Lance (2nd Hand)Unusual4-712 t0.295 LS22No MilSh & ECC3.6/1.0All4.589.300 Cr
Fer-de-Lance NGRare9-1217 t0.60 LS3NoneNo Shields3.6/1.0Fore, Aft4.5411.000 Cr
FerdepaiCommon5-85 t0.40 LS51No ECC2.8/1.1Fore3.8119.000 Cr
FireflyStandard14+35 t0.755 LS13No ECC2.0/1.8Fore, Aft2.51.073.400 Cr
FirewaspUnusual8-11None0.525 LS62No MilSh & ECC4.35/2.85Fore2.0387.800 Cr
GalCop ViperVery Rare3-6None0.36 LS21No Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore, Aft4.053.800 Cr
GalCop Viper InterceptorVery Rare9-12None0.52 LS43No Shields, No ECC4.2/2.0Fore, Aft6.0486.000 Cr
GeckoRare3-63 t0.30 LS34No MilSh & ECC3.0/1.5Fore4.070.760 Cr
Gemini EscortCommon4-7None0.35 LS44No ECC2.5/1.2Fore4.085.430 Cr
GhavialCommon4-765 t0.25 LS44No Military Shield1.6/0.6Fore, Aft4.094.350 Cr
Grass SnakeCommon6-975 t0.435 LS42No Shields, No ECC1.9/1.8Fore, Aft3.0173.750 Cr
Griffin TwoCommon6-947 t0.36 LS34All1.875/1.5All4.0161.300 Cr
HamadryadUnusual7-10115 t0.22 LS72No Shields3.2/1.6All2.5236.500 Cr
Hatchling BoyRacer1Unusual2-5None0.345 LS3NoneNo ECC1.7/1.5Fore2.837.000 Cr
Hatchling BoyRacer2Unusual2-5None0.355 LS3NoneNo ECC1.9/1.5Fore2.840.740 Cr
Hatchling BoyRacer3Unusual2-5None0.365 LS3NoneNo ECC1.9/1.5Fore2.844.600 Cr
IcarusUnusual3-612 t0.32 LS42No Shields, No ECC3.0/2.0Fore, Aft2.566.500 Cr
IguanaCommon6-920 t0.37 LS54All2.6/1.5Fore, Aft4.0195.000 Cr
Imperial Courier (Civilian)Rare8-11100 t0.35 LS84No MilSh & ECC2.0/1.0All4.5392.000 Cr
Imperial Courier (Navy)Unusual14+100 t0.55 LS76No ECC3.6/1.0All4.52.850.000 Cr
Incom T-65 X-WingVery Common14+2t0.50 LS66No ECC1.5/1.5All7.51.079.600 Cr
Interstellar ExplorerStandard15+5 t0.999 LS110No ECC2.5/0.5None1.07.050.900 Cr
Ionics HuntsmanCommon4-720 t0.35 LS44No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.099.900 Cr
Ionics RedbackUnusual8-11150 t0.28 LS76No ECC0.95/0.95Fore, Aft3.0314.000 Cr
Ionics WhitetailUnusual3-65 t0.38 LS14No ECC1.85/1.85Aft3.074.300 Cr
Ixian Freighter MK1Common13+135 t0.30 LS74No Shields2.2/3.0All8.0895.800 Cr
Ixian GunshipRare9-1230 t0.37 LS64No Shields, No ECC2.7/2.2All8.0427.000 Cr
Ixian No-Ship Mark IRare7-1075 t0.23 LS54No Shields, No ECC2.2/1.2All9.0279.000 Cr
JabberwockyCommon8-115 t0.38 LS84No ECC2.3/1.3All4.0300.700 Cr
JosherCommon7-1065 t0.32 LS66No Shields2.75/0.8Fore, Aft3.0284.540 Cr
KestrelCommon12+8 t0.555 LS63No ECC1.8/1.8Fore, Aft5.5736.500 Cr
KraitUnusual2-52 t0.30 LS3NoneNo ECC2.75/1.50Fore2.539.040 Cr
Krait DragsterVery Rare3-61 t0.45 LS3NoneNo MilSh & ECC2.5/1.0Fore2.567.850 Cr
Kukri Mark I DragsterCommon5-8None0.601 LS41Nearly nothing1.0/0.6Fore3.0137.170 Cr
Kukri Mark II DragsterCommon6-9None0.61 LS41Nearly nothing1.0/0.8Fore3.0159.300 Cr
L-Crate TransporterCommon5-8150 t0.31 LS5NoneNo ECC2.8/1.0None3.5127.100 Cr
LambdashuttleStandard5-890 t0.37 LS4NoneAll1.0/1.0All3.5127.200 Cr
LampyrisStandard12+5 t0.755 LS11No ECC2.2/2.2Fore, Aft2.5783.000 Cr
LlamaRare6-935 t0.35 LS44All2.0/1.0All4.0150.000 Cr
LongshotCommon5-840 t0.30 LS66No Shields, No ECC1.5/1.2Fore, Aft4.0146.250 Cr
MambaRare2-54 t0.32 LS3NoneNo MilSh & ECC2.1/1.4Fore3.035.880 Cr
MerlinStandard12+25 t0.555 LS63No ECC1.6/1.4Fore, Aft5.5705.800 Cr
Military StingrayRare8-1155 t0.375 LS46All2.4/1.2All4.2366.900 Cr
Military Stingray (2nd Hand)Very Rare7-1055 t0.35 LS46All2.4/1.2All4.0271.800 Cr
Mongoose FighterRare2-5None0.32 LS11No Shields, No ECC3.2/2.1Fore2.032.150 Cr
MonitorUnusual6-990 t0.18 LS65No Military Shield1.2/0.5All4.0171.700 Cr
Moray-R Medical BoatUnusual3-622 t0.30 LS32No MilSh 2.5/1.5Fore3.061.840 Cr
Moray-R Star BoatUnusual4-77 t0.30 LS32No ECC2.5/1.5All3.080.300 Cr
Moray Medical BoatUnusual3-622 t0.30 LS32No MilSh 2.5/1.5Fore3.061.840 Cr
Moray Medical Boat (2nd Hand)Unusual2-57 t0.295 LS32No MilSh & ECC2.5/1.5Fore2.7548.600 Cr
Moray Star BoatUnusual4-77 t0.30 LS32No ECC2.5/1.5All3.080.300 Cr
Moray Star Boat (2nd Hand)Unusual4-77 t0.295 LS32No ECC2.5/1.5All3.080.350 Cr
Mosquito SportCommon6-940 t0.36 LS44All2.3/1.5Fore, Aft4.0155.200 Cr
Mosquito TraderCommon7-1055 t0.37 LS54All2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.0207.400 Cr
MussuranaCommon6-925 t0.378 LS34No ECC4.0/1.25Fore, Aft4.75188.300 Cr
NagaUnusual11-14250 t0.275 LS106No Shields, No ECC1.85/0.8All2.0651.200 Cr
Navy JuggernautStandard if ELITE 15+1015 t0.30 LS1616ECC not applicable0.4/0.2All25.041.000.000 Cr
Navy Surplus Asp Mark IICommon5-8None0.40 LS51No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft4.0120.960 Cr
NemesisUnusual4-7None0.32 LS42No ECC3.2/2.0Fore5.097.200 Cr
Ophidian Class YachtUnusual4-720 t0.36 LS32No Military Shield2.2/1.4Fore, Aft3.079.750 Cr
OutriderRare4-72 t0.37 LS42No MilSh & ECC2.4/1.4Fore, Aft4.085.500 Cr
PaladinUnusual8-1140 t0.365 LS56All2.4/1.4All4.5381.500 Cr
PallasUnusual14+90 t0.655 LS28All1.8/1.8All2.52.677.000 Cr
PelamisCommon6-985 t0.298 LS45All2.25/1.125Fore, Aft2.56176.400 Cr
Penelope Class FreighterStandard14+145 t0.285 LS96No ECC1.9/0.7All9.01.271.000 Cr
PhoenixCommon8-1125 t0.375 LS410No ECC2.0/1.0Fore, Aft5.0338.580 Cr
Purple HazeVery Rare7-1010 t0.405 LS54No ECC2.3/1.5Fore, Aft6.0252.400 Cr
PythonCommon6-9115 t0.20 LS72No MilSh2.0/0.8All2.5177.650 Cr
Python 'Blackdog'Very Rare6-9115 t0.195 LS72No Military Shield2.0/0.8All2.5172.600 Cr
Python (2nd Hand)Common6-9115 t0.195 LS62No Military Shield2.0/0.8All2.5151.000 Cr
Python Class CruiserCommon9-12160 t0.35 LS74All2.0/0.8All3.5492.480 Cr
Python ET SpecialCommon7-10115 t0.35 LS53All2.2/1.0All3.5288.100 Cr
Remorse Of Conscience v2Unusual7-1060 t0.47 LS44No Shields, No ECC1.9/1.5Fore, Aft4.0246.960 Cr
Renegade ViperUnusual2-5None0.32 LS21No Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore, Aft4.046.700 Cr
Rigel Tactical BomberUnusual7-1040 t0.31 LS66No ECC2.2/1.2Fore, Aft5.0265.000 Cr
RinghalsUnusual3-630 t0.30 LS42No Shields1.85/1.0Fore, Left, Right4.073.540 Cr
SaberRare4-7None0.41 LS31No ECC2.0/1.2Fore3.575.300 Cr
SalamanderCommon6-930 t0.37 LS43All2.2/1.2All4.0170.600 Cr
Seymour Class Cargo SledCommon8-11150 t0.35 LS74No ECC1.4/0.42Fore, Aft4.75324.700 Cr
Shield-tailCommon7-1010 t0.405 LS54No ECC2.3/1.5Fore, Aft6.0252.400 Cr
Shreddies Super StarUnusual2-540 t0.28 LS34No Shields, No ECC1.2/0.6Fore3.040.860 Cr
Sidewinder EscortVery Rare3-6None0.37 LS3NoneNo Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore2.560.150 Cr
Sidewinder Scout ShipRare2-5None0.37 LS3NoneNo Shields, No ECC2.8/1.6Fore2.039.600 Cr
Spearhead MK1Common5-8None0.46 LS42No ECC1.55/1.5Fore4.0107.800 Cr
Starbelly Class SledCommon8-11125 t0.358 LS66No ECC1.4/0.42Fore, Aft4.75386.700 Cr
Starhawk Class CruiserCommon8-11125 t0.358 LS66No ECC1.4/0.42Fore, Aft4.75386.700 Cr
StarSeeker Personal ShuttleVery Common2-515 t0.31 LS41No Shields, No ECC2.3/1.2Fore3.042.200 Cr
Starwolf Mark ICommon7-1085 t0.365 LS64No ECC1.64/0.52Fore, Aft4.75270.600 Cr
Strelka CruiselinerCommon7-10155 t0.30 LS74All1.0/0.8Fore3.5240.000 Cr
Super CobraCommon14+55 t0.45 LS77All2.2/1.2All7.01.622.000 Cr
SwiftStandard10-135t0.755 LS11No ECC2.2/2.2Fore2.5564.300 Cr
TaipanCommon6-922 t0.36 LS44All2.8/0.9All3.5167.080 Cr
Team Zorg AnacondaRare12+750 t0.14 LS77No Shields, No ECC0.75/0.4All3.0714.150 Cr
TepiuStandard14+60 t0.755 LS26No ECC1.8/1.6Fore, Aft2.82.299.000 Cr
TerrapinCommon12+40 t0.41 LS56All2.3/1.3All5.0782.400 Cr
TesouraRare9-12135 t0.30 LS74All2.0/1.0All4.0432.000 Cr
Thargoid Warship (Stolen)Very Rare if ELITE (8000)15+100 t0.50 LS95Special2.0/1.0All8.03.500.000 Cr
The MorriganStandard15+100 t0.55 LS77No ECC3.6/1.0All7.04.820.000 Cr
TIE-FighterStandard13+None0.50 LS10NoneNo ECC2.0/2.0All7.5872.500 Cr
TIE-InterceptorStandard14+None0.555 LS10NoneNo ECC2.2/2.2All7.51.303.000 Cr
Tiger Mark IUnusual14+50 t0.50 LS76No ECC2.0/1.0All4.51.147.600 Cr
Tribant TraderUnusual2-560 t0.26 LS34No Shields, No ECC1.2/0.6Fore3.039.050 Cr
Trident Executive ShuttleVery Common5-855 t0.32 LS44All2.1/1.0Fore4.0120.800 Cr
Urutu MK IIICommon7-1035 t0.37 LS54All2.9/1.8All4.0287.280 Cr
Urutu MkIVCommon8-1135 t0.38 LS54All2.1/1.8All4.9325.800 Cr
Vampire MkIRare6-920 t0.37 LS73No ECC2.3/1.4Fore4.5187.800 Cr
Vampire MkII : PurgatoriVery Rare10-1320 t0.45 LS93No ECC2.5/1.4Fore6.0572.000 Cr
Vampire MkII : ReaperVery Rare12+5 t0.47 LS94No ECC2.5/1.4Fore6.0721.000 Cr
Velocity 150Rare5-818 t0.36 LS43All2.2/1.1Fore, Aft4.0115.200 Cr
Vintage AdderUnusual2-52 t0.30 LS11No MilSh & ECC2.8/2.0Fore2.032.250 Cr
ViperVery Rare2-5None0.32 LS21No Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore4.040.240 Cr
Viper EscortVery Rare2-53 t0.32 LS21No Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore, Aft4.046.300 Cr
Viper InterceptorVery Rare9-12None0.52 LS43No Shields, No ECC4.2/2.0Fore6.0425.250 Cr
Viper PursuitVery Rare2-5None0.36 LS21No Shields, No ECC2.8/1.8Fore4.047.100 Cr
Wolf Mark IStandard6-920 t0.40 LS52No ECC2.4/1.4Fore4.25153.300 Cr
Wolf Mark IICommon8-1120 t0.39 LS84No ECC2.2/1.2All4.0340.000 Cr
Wolf Mark II SERare8-1120 t0.39 LS84No ECC2.2/1.2All4.0340.000 Cr
Zorg Racing SidewinderUnusual4-7None0.40 LS31No ECC2.2/1.65Fore, Aft3.085.200 Cr