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Special Equipment (Experimental)

SEX Drive OXP, a.k.a. SE-X Drive OXZ, etc.

The new, best-in-class, teleporting cheat script. For when you're not in the mood for space combat, and just want to get to the station fast. If you've had bad experiences with teleporting cheat scripts in the past - teleporting you straight into the planet's surface when you don't expect it, etc. - fear not! Eschew inferior alternatives from the past. Get my shiny, new, teleporting cheat script! It has options: it has options for to where to teleport to, it has options for when to teleport to where you're teleporting to. It integrates with Explorers' Club, and doesn't allow cheating in systems you're visiting for the first time. It has a risqué name. What's not to like?

Questions, comments, difficulties

Current download via the expansions manager or here: File:SEX Drive.oxz.

Author: Wildeblood