Emergency Energy Generator

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There are two of these:

  • Energy Equipment OXP's EEG is a variance on the Emergency Charge Device, the device is hull-mounted (no pylon needed) and linked to a special controller fitted within the ships system. It operates in exactly the same way as the ECD, but is automatically triggered by the controller when the ships energy levels become critically low. Somewhat more complex to fit, this item is a more costly but automated alternative more suited to combat pilots who need their pylons and have other things on their minds than watching energy readouts during combat. Cost: 20,000₢, TechLevel: 9+ (A Thargoid oxp)
  • HardShips' EEG refills all energy banks from Radioactives - and Platinum as a catalyst - but once only due to needing repair after use. Needs 1t Radioactives and 1kg Platinum for each bank (beware: storing radioactives are illegal in some systems). Triggered when only the last energy bank is remaining. The speedy recharge can cause internal damage to the ship (in the cargo, equipment or service levels). Cost: 10,000₢, TechLevel: 5+ (A Norby oxp)