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A small and simple script OXP, which makes equipment damage a little more realistic.

In the vanilla game, most equipment can become damaged but it will never be fully destroyed. This script modifies that, and gives a chance whenever an item is damaged that it will be broken beyond repair and completely destroyed. In such cases repair will not be possible and the item will need to be purchased again from scratch.

The base chance of a damaged piece of equipment being totally destroyed is between 5-10%, and is also weighted by the items complexity (it's tech level).

For OXP makers, if an item is destroyed the event this.equipmentDestroyed is sent to all other loaded world scripts, with the equipment entity as the parameter (in the same way as this.equipmentDamaged). The script also has a 0.25s delay after the equipmentDamaged trigger, so immediately self-repairing OXP equipment will be immune to destruction.


This OXP requires at least test version 1.76 of Oolite.


Realistic Damage v1.00 can be downloaded from by clicking on the link.