RC DeZeeuw

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RC DeZeeuw
Owner DeZeeuw Beer
Number 47
Colours Orange
OC Light
OC Derby
OC Dragster
OC Marathon

The son of famed brewer R.C.DeZeeuw. R.C.DeZeeuw II, has embraced his love of all things mechanical and, with the blessing of his father, has set up the RCDeZeeuw Ring Racing Team.

Ramond Chris DeZeeuw the Second showed an aptitude for mechanics at an early age. Taking apart a hover-speeder as a teenager, he improved its manifold design. A later patent based on this tinkering made him his first million Credits.

Brushes with the law almost cost Ramond his life when, at the age of 23, he almost killed himself and a GalCop officer when attempting to dock at a Star ConStore at top speed in his custom Morrigan. After a high-rating HoloTV trial and the following six months in the isocubes, he vowed never again to be the wayward figure he once was. His vow has never been broken, and to this day he tours schools around the Tionisla system (where he lives) and gives lectures on pilot safety.

RCDeZeeuw will race under the number 47, and their orange ships will be one of the more visible on the ring circuit.

Ramond is married to Adoré Šeman, the former model and lead singer of the popular crush-polka band Lave Slave. Lave Slave are one of the most successful performing artists on the books with Knot Entertainment LLC ("If it's not on Knot, it's not on!"), who are proud to be a co-sponsor and active member of the RCDeZeeuw team.