Quantum Vacuum Energy Generator

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Replaces the 'magical' vanilla game energy system with a breakable energy generator


After a very, very long time (because the engineers often consumed the "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" of development) Xaxrax-Sigma Industries presents their first experimental version of the Modular Quantum-Vacuum-Energy-Generator-System

Why? at the beginning: A drunken captain somewhere in a moonshine-bar asked --- "where does all the energy for my ship comes from?" --> silence -- nobody answered and the captain was told to leave the bar....... but someone kept that question in their mind.

Some decades later a small laboratory at a lonely planet, that crosses the universe without having a sun, started a project to separate the energy-production from the given ship-data.

So it was that Xaxrax-Sigma Industries was born and now offers its one and only product.

Where can I get this and how does it work?

  • The QVEG-System can be bought on every system with Tech-Level > 9
  • 1st: You must install the Basic system ( !!! you will GET credits -- but ...you pay otherwise later... )
(which is merely replacing the magical/old system with a new "module-holder"
  • 2nd: Install the energy Units. ( the maximum is still defined by your ship )
  • 3nd: One Energy-Unit-Rackspace can be used for a Naval-Energy-Booster ( Higher Tech-Level and .. expensive )