Quirium Cascade Mine Detector

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Quirium Cascade Mine Detector
Name Q-Bomb Detector
Cost 5000
TL Availability 10


This OXP adds the equipment: Q-Bomb Detector. This detector reacts on detecting a Quirium Cascade Mine in the vicinity and sounds an alarm, as well as alerting the pilot on-screen. It extends the functionality of the ship's scanner, which displays the location of Q-Mines, but doesn't actively warn the player.

It is up to the player to react appropriately on receiving this information.

Minimum requirement Oolite 1.73

Why this equipment

A Quirium Cascade Mine generally detonates within about 5 seconds of being launched. If a pilot does not react immediately, it may be too late. In intense combat situations, it is very easy to miss seeing the marker on what is often a crowded scanner. It was determined that a loud audible warning was the most effective method of ensuring a pilot's attention.


The equipment is fully automatic. No operator input is required.

If you hear the siren, vacate the area. Immediately. As rapidly as possible.

Particularly brave Commanders may wish to try destroying the Q-Bomb instead. To facilitate this, when the ship also has a Target Memory Expansion installed, the QBD is connected with it on installation and when a Q-Bomb is detected, it will upload the location of the Q-Bomb to the first position in the target memory, whereupon the location of the Q-Bomb will immediately be displayed on the ship's HUD.


This equipment can be purchased in all high-technical-level systems (10+) for the sum of 5000 Cr.


The manufacturer of the QBD will never guarantee the QBD is always 100% correct. Because some pilots may have made modifications to the mine or manufacturers could have changed mine specifications that are not yet in the database, analyses by the QBD could result in false positives, or failures to alert in a timely fashion.


This OXP is heavily based on code adapted from Eric Walch's Missile Analyser. Simplified pre-1.77 detection code courtesy of Wildeblood. The audio is a Public Domain file sourced from http://soundbible.com/1577-Siren-Noise.html

Target System Plugins

Target System Plugins also has this facility.

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Download Links

Q-Bomb-Detector_1.4 For Oolite 1.73+
Q-Bomb-Detector_1.4 as OXZ For Oolite 1.80+ only (4025 downloads)

Update Notes

The version posted on the Wiki is the latest version of this OXP. (Last updated 26/04/14).

Version 1.4: Updated to comply with OXP Best Practice Guidelines
Version 1.3: Updated from XML to NeXTSTEP, added OXZ version
Version 1.2: Updated for Oolite 1.77+
Version 1.1: A couple of small fixes added
Version 1.0: First release for Oolite 1.76.1


To use the OXP, unzip the downloaded file. This will create a folder named "Q-Bomb-detector_1.4". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "Q-Bomb_detector_1.4.oxp" and a readme. Move/copy the Q-Bomb_detector_1.4.oxp folder to AddOns, and delete any older version of the Q-Bomb Detector, if already installed. As with all OXPs, it's the folder ending in .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.

If you download the OXZ version (1.80+ only) you can simply copy and paste the OXZ file (or download it directly) into your AddOns folder, and Oolite will recognise it and take care of the details for you. Alternatively, you can use Oolite 1.79+'s built-in OXZ Management System to automatically download and install it for you.

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