Far Arm Plasma torpedo

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Plasma torpedo
Plasma torpedo.png
Size (metres, WxHxL) 2.0 x 2.0 x 3.0
Maximum speed 1.00 LM
Maneuverability Roll: 0.0
Pitch: 0.0
Explosive yield 4000 GJ
Blast radius 200 m
OXP or standard OXP
Cost 10.0 Cr
TL Availability 2

A type of missile added by the Far Arm ships OXP.


Plasma torpedoes are not true missiles, they are balls of superheated gas kept together in a magnetic container.

Having no guidance system, plasma torps travel in straight line until the magnetic container collapses under the tremendous heat, and the torpedo dissipates.

Being a dumb-fire weapon, the Plasma torpedo is very cheap, costing only 10 Cr each.

Plasma torps are sold almost everywhere.


Plasma torpedo has a unique HUD icon:

HUD icon

Plasma torpedoes do not have a guidance system to scramble and no other sensitive electronics, so ECM has no effect on them.