Oolite JavaScript Reference: Dock

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Prototype: Ship
Subtypes: none

The Dock class is an Entity representing a docking port on a carrier or station. A Dock has all the properties and methods of a Ship, and some others.

All Stations have at least one Dock object associated with them.


This property was added in Oolite test release 1.77.


allowsDocking : Boolean (read/write)

If true, this dock allows ships to dock with it, and the station's traffic control will direct them to this dock. If false, station control will not direct any ships to this dock, though ships that end up there may be allowed to dock anyway, depending on the value of disallowedDockingCollides.


allowsLaunching : Boolean (read/write)

Whether or not the dock allows ships to launch from it. If all docks of a station disallow launching, the player will still be allowed to launch from one of them.


disallowedDockingCollides : Boolean (read/write)

This property is only used if allowsDocking is false. In that situation, when a ship tries to dock with this dock (under normal circumstances, this will either be the player docking manually, or a ship with a customised AI), what happens depends on this property. If true, the ship will collide with the dock and be repelled, taking damage in the process. If false, the ship will be allowed to dock with the station anyway.


dockingQueueLength : Number (read-only)

The number of ships currently queued to dock at this port by station traffic control.


launchingQueueLength : Number (read-only)

The number of ships currently queued to launch from this port by station traffic control.