Moons Texture Pack

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This is package of textures for Moons OXP (part of the Strangers World suite). Adjusted to Oolite 1.90 lighting model.


Original textures were reprocessed by Stranger. Reprocessing includes converting JPG file format onto PNG, rescaling image size to standard aspect for lat-long maps 2:1 with size 2 * 2^n width and 2^n height, using of color saturation and lights/shadows level correction filters.

All original textures were taken from The Celestia Motherlode ( - vast repository of Celestia addons (see for legal status of original files). These textures based on reprocessed NASA public available images of Solar System moons. There is problematic to refer exactly author of every texture sample, so I'll just refer to authors of relevant addons.

omoon_Callisto.png		Callisto (2-8K)			John van Vliet 
omoon_Europa.png		Europa (2-8K)			John van Vliet 
omoon_Ganymede.png		Ganymede (2K)			Hermes 
omoon_Io.png			Io 1K/2K/4K			John van Vliet 
omoon_Selene.png		64K Moon Surface Map VT		John van Vliet 
omoon_Luna.png			Ran III				Runar Thorvaldsen 


  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: Stranger
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.90


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