Mining IFF Scanner Upgrade

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The orange flag at about 1 o'clock is a boulder, the white flags at about 11 o'clock are splinters, the other white flags are asteroids.
The green flags are anchorages/dockages (in this case, Rock Hermits) put there by Telescope

An upgrade to the IFF Scanner System to show asteroids, boulders and splinters in alternate colours for easier tracking when mining:

Asteroids are white/gray
Boulders are white/orange
Splinters are white/green.

With an optional tweak to the scanner, cargo pods and escape pods can be included as white/cyan and white/purple respectively.


The original version was written by Ruth (NewtSoup) in 2017. It was then updated by Milo after she disappeared into witchspace.


Oolite v.1.80



Upgrade Changelog

07/10/2020 1.1.3 Updated by Milo to make a function added in 1.1.2 private instead of global (no functional change, just removes a warning from Latest.log)

07/08/2020 1.1.2 Updated by Milo to make the scanner upgrade equipment portable between ships, optimize status checks, change refund amount to full price as described (was coded as 10%), improve compatibility with OXPs that add cargo pods with non-standard names, improve compatibility with OXPs that manage ship equipment (e.g., Ship Storage Helper, Ship Configuration), and let other OXPs' IFF colour overrides take priority (Asteroid Storm, Rescue Stations, Curse of the Black Sunspot, etc.).

06/09/2017 1.1.1 Minor bug fix - Metal fragments now show correctly in the same colour as splinters.

05/09/2017 1.1.0 Added Scavenger Hack - identifies cargo containers and escape pods.

02/09/2017 1.0.2 Minor bug fixes Included "Metal fragment" to be compatible with Staer9's Icesteroids

01/09/2017 1.0.1 Tech level increased to 11 to match that of the mining laser Price increased to 800 credits to match that of the mining laser Asteroid colour changed to white/gray to better distinguish from boulders

01/09/2017 1.0.0 Released