Luther Burgsvik

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A collection of short stories by alter-ego Luther Burgsvik set in the Frontier universe, some of which he is featured in.


Luther Burgsvik was born on Merlin, Ross 154, back in the 3170's. After coming into possession of an Eagle mk 1, he started his life as an interstellar merchant. He continued this life until the late 3120s when he joined the private security firm Varangian Security Services. He remained with VSS for a few years, and participated in the Alliance of Independent Systems war for independence. Following the end of the war, he retired to Indaol and founded the Niewe Gotland state on the planet Morgan's Hole, where he has remained until the present day.

Wiki Work

LB did a lot of good work amplifying the FE2/FFE pages back in 2013.

He created the following detailed pages:

As well as new pages for links to other people's Frontier Fiction


These stories are hosted on a rather bizarre website