Kim Stenson

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Kim Stenson is a fictional character in the HPA Saga.


Kim Stenson, 51, is a veteran Interpol Detective. Old, cynical, but still capable, Stenson went from relying on his reflexes as a young pilot to his brain as a veteran investigator.

He is now based in the Tionisla system, where he lives alone, on the Orbiter. He has a relationship with Ariel Juniper, an Interpol agent half his age, but his inability to commit has limited the relationship's growth.


Kim Stenson was born on Lave in 3258 to Harry and June Stenson. Harry worked as a Civil worker until the earthquake of 3263.

The earthquake destroyed the city of Tessa's Relif and half of Rebecca's Citadel. Millions were lost under the rubble, including June Stenson. Harry hid his grief for his son Kim, but could not face the city or even the planet after June's death and used the insurance money to buy a ship. Together, Harry and Kim travelled the cosmos as traders, living a quiet life. They never skirted the line of the law or went to dangerous sectors. Their goal wasn't money, but to simply live together and be with each other.

Kim became a young pilot when he took the controls as an 8 year old. As the duo made more money, they upgraded to bigger and better ships until they found a used Cobra Mk III, registration IMC-768. It belonged to ex-pirate made good. The ship was adorned with fangs across the front to make the ship look like its namesake. Harry left them on to 'scare away trouble'.

Kim was thirteen by this time, a better pilot than his dad and ready for a little adventure. Against his dad's best wishes, they took their ship and cargo into riskier systems. Kim shot down his first pirate that month, though the credit went to the ships owner, Harry.

Life was utopia for two years. They made money, built the ship up to an 'iron ass' and travelled in relative security...

...until they went to one dangerous system too far. Harry and Kim found themselves surrounded by a pirate gang without any spare hydrogen fuel. They jettisoned their cargo, but it wasn't enough. The pirates wanted blood. The ship tore itself apart and the explosion damaged their escape capsule as they made their escape. Harry died in Kim's arms in the capsule as they slowly drifted away from the carnage.

Kim had money, but no family, ship or life. So he signed up to Interpol as a pilot. He knew he would get his revenge if he wiped out every pirate in the galaxy and the best way to do that was to be actively seeking and destroying them. Kim was a good pilot but wasn't stellar and after a tour of duty in a Viper, he was transferred to the investigative team in Diso.

Kim excelled, discovering talents he never knew he had. His ability to piece together unrelated clues into a case saw him promoted to Investigator and transferred to Tionisla.

But that was as far as Kim went: He didn't have the mind, or the tolerance for the Interpol politics. The Investigative work kept him busy, which was all he cared about: If he was busy, he didn't have time to think about his life and his family.

It was while he was a young Investigator that Kim first came across Norman Mosser. The meeting resulted in Kim getting a huge scar and almost losing his life. Since that point, he sought vengeance against Norman. This anger turned to clones in general. He considered they had no soul and that it was his duty to remove them from the galaxy.


Kim owns a small apartment in the corner of the Tionisla orbital station. By his own admission it is a 'hole', but he doesn't spend enough time at home to warrant spending the money.

Ariel Juniper, a junior member of the Investigative team started showing an interest in Kim and he found her distracting in a nice way. They were both effective orphans and this bond turned into something more. They become lovers, despite it being against Interpol regulations. However Kim still struggled with commitment. If he got too close to Ariel, she would likely get killed (as did everyone who got close to him) and he would be forced through the pain of loss again. This made him hold back, which frustrated Ariel and kept her a distance.