Ichihara S-Pulse

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Ichihara S-Pulse
Owner OzuCorp
Number 33
Colours White, Red
OC Light
OC Derby
OC Dragster
OC Marathon
YAH ad

Many companies manufacture parts for the RemLok (There For You™) emergency space suit. Ichihara Corporation is the sole manufacturer of the Scream Pulse unit. The S-Pulse unit is described in the award-winning Holomovie "The Dark Wheel" (segment of V.O from the holomovie © Ooniversal Studios, error corrected in The Director's Cut) as follows...

In space, everyone can hear you scream . . .

As long, that is, as you're equipped with a RemLok survival mask.

An instant after Alex Ryder hit the hard vacuum, a skin of plasFibre had been shot across his body from nozzles on the face piece, keeping him warm against the cold, tightening and protecting him, securing him against the void. The oxygen flow in his body was cut off to all but his heart and brain. Needle-doses of adrenalin and somnokie were held ready, just within the skin area of his mouth, ready to alert or depress his body functions according to circumstances.

And the RemLok screamed through space for help.

It was a standard survival device, an instantly recognisable distress call indicating that it was being sent out from a small, remotely located, dying body. The alarm screeched out on forty channels, shifting wavelength within each channel four times a second. One hundred and twenty sixty chances to catch attention...

(The Dark Wheel)

The S-Pulse uses a small power unit to generate a series of microscopic wormholes, large enough for the radio waves to traverse, in order to send a distress signal. These wormholes are directed using the same technology that goes into detecting Witchpoint / Navigation / Constore beacons for a Nav display. The wormhole is generated, and a data pulse is transmitted in a fraction of a second that identifies the sentient in need of assistance, their x/y/z location in the system, and their current biometric status.

Messages from ships to the planet, its ring of Coriolis stations, and system Constores are abruptly broken as the split second message comes screaming through. HoloTV programmes are interrupted, the projection dissolving into a permanently recorded display of the space-grid location of the RemLok. Every advertising space module changes its garish display to flash, in brilliance, the same information.

Recent negotiations with the former sole owners of the S-Pulse trademark have been completed, and S-Pulse (in relation to the RemLok connotation) is now a separate trademark, not to be confused with the Shimizu S-Pulse (清水エスパルス) Sport Company that have no ties to the Ring Racing League. As part of the agreement, Shimizu S-Pulse retain their distinctive and historic yellow-black scheme and Ichihara S-Pulse agrees to use red-white.

Racing Team S-Pulse is proud to be a member of the RemLok family, and is proud to have RemLok as the sole sponsor of their race team. Ichihara S-Pulse: In space, everyone can hear you scream.