Formation Flight Autopilot

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The Formation Flight Autopilot is a module for your autopilot systems that can be installed alongside the standard "Docking Computer" module. Its purpose is to maintain an escort position while the pilot rests and was developed by RRS Group for their Arafura wings.


The Formation Flight Autopilot will maintain a constant orientation with respect to the designated mothership, cutting out automatically, and alerting the pilot, if any deviation from safety factors occurs. The autopilot's MemnSomn facility is used in bursts to allow pilots to rest while maintaining awareness, significantly reducing the perceived time of a long escort trip and ensuring pilots are fresh and ready for any emergencies.


Press 'N' (shift+n) to select the Formation Flight Autopilot from your secondary equipment rack. Target the ship you wish to follow with your ident computer, move into flight formation, and then press 'n' to activate the autopilot.

The following safety factors must be met before autopilot activation to ensure its use for legitimate escort work only:

  • The targeted ship is equipped with a Formation Flight Director and accepts the autoflight request.
  • The targeted ship is between 500m and 2500m distant, and is travelling on the same heading and speed (within a small tolerance) as your ship.
  • The targeted ship is at least 20km away from the destination programmed in to the Formation Flight Director

Once activated, the pilot will be placed into a MemnSomn trance accompanied by a relaxing multimedia display until awakened when the mothership nears its destination or an exceptional situation occurs. The following situations will immediately awaken the pilot:

  • Autopilot activation parameters are no longer met (for example, the mothership adjusts its manouevring and moves outside the 2500m range)
  • A red alert condition on the ship or the mothership occurs
  • The mothership's Formation Flight Director sends a wake-up request. Wake-up requests are sent if hostile activity or obstacles are detected in the flight path.
  • The destination vicinity is reached.

Additionally, pilots retain sufficient consciousness to awaken themselves at any time by pressing 'n' on their flight console.


Requires Docking Computers to be fitted to provide autopilot hardware. Available at all Techlevel 6 or higher systems for 500 Cr.