Festus Flyers

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Festus Flyers
Owner Festus Corp.
Number 27
Colours Blue, Red
OC Light
OC Derby
OC Dragster
OC Marathon

AAAAAAMAZING!!!! Jim, I've just heard that Team Festus Flyers have finally thrown their hats into the racing ring and have retained the services of not only thrice-Gal1 champion, Aldo Accelerati, but of the highly talented designer, Zeiman, to design the racing strip!

That's right, Bob, Festus have been keeping this little surprise under wraps. Not a great wonder considering the controversy of last year's prelims when Team Cosmorossi not only stole Festus' lead racer, but they even stole the design for the team's strip and paraded it on their support Anacondas. That was certainly a smack in the face for the Flyer's pit chief and that was considered the high point of their season, as well.

Darn straight, Jim!!! I gotta tell ya, my blood pressure's through the roof right now!!!! All that's left of last years competitors is Team CR LeBeouf. They're cuttin' it mighty close what with qualifiers so close I can almost smell them!!!! I don't think I can handle much more excitement!!!! In fact, I'm gettin' chest pains right now, thinking about LeBoeuf's great season last year!!!! Jim? Everything's gettin' fuzzy....... <crumpf>

Uhhhh, we'll cut to a word from our sponsors, while the med-team tries to resusitate Bob. We, or at least, I will be back shortly. Don't touch that remote!

== Lore -- The Festus Flyers, sponsored by Astro Chicken and in co-operation with NoGrip racing "It's not the destination, but the drive there".