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The 3G+(t) version
The 3G+(t) version - police variant

A message from our sponsors

Presenting the Fer-de-Lance 3G

The Zorgon Petterson Group proudly announce the 3G – ‘third generation’ – series of Fer-de-Lance ships.

The original Fer-de-Lance (Oolite) did not compromise in its pursuit of style, luxury, and engineering excellence. Yet, in other respects, and especially as time passed, the ship left something to be desired. The subsequent NG (‘next generation’) model of the Fer-de-Lance gave the ship the speed that it had always looked as though it had, and increased the rather limited amount of energy banks of the original model; but it did those things at the cost of cargo capacity and weapons systems. Then came the Mussurana Void-Yacht. The Mussurana – which departed somewhat from the aesthetics of the previous models – increased cargo capacity, manoeuvrability, energy, and shield- and missile-capability. But, exciting though it was, the ‘yacht’ was slow compared to the NG and was not quite as fearsome as one might want.

The Fer-de-Lance 3G models, which return to the shape of the original Fer-de-Lance, are the sharks of the Fer-de-Lance ecology. They have a respectable proportion of the NG’s speed but thoroughly outdo the NG, and indeed the Mussurana, in nearly all other respects, including (1) compromise in build-quality; and they are pre-fitted with an impressive range of equipment.

There are three 3G models. The 3G is the standard version. The 3G+ is a superior, and larger, ship. It offers the most capacious hold of any Fer-de-Lance class ship. Moreover: with eight energy banks, six missile slots, an improved energy-recharge rate, shield boosters fitted as standard, and (like the 3G) the capacity for military shield enhancement, the 3G+ can easily be made fully ‘iron-assed’. Finally, and for the commander in search of ‘über-icity’, there is the 3G+(t), which incorporates two side-mounted plasma turrets. Those turrets pack a good punch and fire to the ship’s fore, port, and starboard.(2)

The table below allows comparison of all of the different models of the Fer-de-Lance (except for police and military versions of the 3G+(t), the specifications of which are classified).


(1) The accuracy of the 3G models’ lasers can result in a visual ‘cross pattern’ when firing.

(2) The turrets very slightly reduce the ship’s energy-recharge capacity.

Fer-de-Lance comparisons

Fer-de-Lance Fer-de-Lance NG Mussuruna Void-Yacht Fer-de-Lance 3G Fer-de-Lance 3G+ Fer-de-Lance 3G+(t) Fer-de-Lance 3G (Delux-o-Tank variant)
Size (meters: WxHxL) 45 x 20 x 85 45 x 20 x 85 35 x 19 x 80 45 x 20 x 85 49.5 x 22 x 93.5 49.5 x 22 x 93.5 49.5 x 22 x 93.5
Cargo capacity (tons) 12 (unexpandable) 2 (unexpandable) 25 (unexpandable) 22 (unexpandable) 36 (unexpandable) 36 (unexpandable) 30 (unexpandable)
Maximum speed (LM) 0.300 0.600 0.378 0.510 0.505 0.504 0.500
Manoeuverability Roll: 3.6; Pitch: 1.0 Roll: 3.6; Pitch: 1.0 Roll: 4.0; Pitch: 1.25 Roll: 3.7; Pitch: 1.4 Roll: 3.65; Pitch: 1.35 Roll: 3.65; Pitch: 1.35 Roll: 3.5; Pitch: 1.5
Energy banks 2 3 4 5 8 8 9
Energy recharge rate Good (4.5) Good (4.5) Good (4.75) Good (4.9) Excellent (5.1) Good - Excellent (5.05) Excellent (5.27)
Gun mounts 2 2 2 4 4 4 - and two turrets 4 - and two turrets
Missile pylons 2 0 4 5 6 6 8
Shield Upgrades Boosters & military Boosters Boosters & military Boosters & military Boosters (as standard) & military Boosters (as standard) & military Boosters (as standard) & military
Hyperspace capable Yes Yes Yes Yes (in 9 seconds) Yes (in 9 seconds) Yes (in 9 seconds) Yes (in 9 seconds)
OXP or vanilla game? vanilla OXP OXP OXP OXP OXP OXP
Where available (TL) 9 9 13 12 13 14 14
Base price (Cr) 485,000 585,000 875,000 965,000 1,440,000 2,020,000 3,000,000


  • OXZ: In the in-game Expansions Manager, find the expansion under "Ships".
  • OXP: Unzip the .zip file, and then just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation (not the ManagedAddOns folder). Remember to restart Oolite with the shift key held down.


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