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Elite: Reclamation by Drew Wagar

Elite: Reclamation is an officially licensed novel written by Drew Wagar, set in the Elite: Dangerous universe and published in May 2014 prior to the Elite: Dangerous game by Frontier Developments.

The novel features an ensemble cast of memorable characters, a dark and dystopian future and a plot which twists from political intrigue, via epic space battles, to a tense page-turning finale.

Drew's Kickstarter for the novel caused a notable stir in the online community by being one of the first Kickstarters to successfully fund a pledge on another Kickstarter. This unorthodox approach generated a number of press articles. The Elite: Reclamation project raised £7,043 from its initial Kickstarter, and is published by Fantastic Books.

The trailer video for the book is available on YouTube.



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Fantastic Books Publishing:

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10% of proceeds of Elite: Reclamation sales via Fantastic Books Publishing will go to the Ashford Dyslexia Centre charity.


The blurb for the book reads as follows:

Lady Kahina Loren, born into the Prism system’s powerful ruling family, is desperate to throw off the shackles of her privileged lifestyle and discover herself, but ambition crumbles when she faces death at the hands of the one person she thought she could trust.

With the advanced technology of the 3rd millennium, death is not always as final as it seems, but when that technology malfunctions, is death the better option.