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The Constrictor is a ship shrouded in mystery. This is intentional, due to the military nature of the vessel.


The Constrictor's Encyclopedia Galactica entry is as follows:

The Constrictor was originally designed for the Federal navy during the Thargoid war , and was based upon the the Cobra Mk II design. It was an impressive combat ship, extremely fast and manoeuvrable, yet with enough space for a large array of weaponry.  With the sudden disappearance of the Thargoids however, the military lost interest in the ship, probably because it was too expensive. The only operational military constrictor to ever fly was the test prototype which is reputed to have been stolen, although the military deny this.
With the loss of the military contract, Faulcon de Lacy produced a 'civilian' version of the Constrictor which despite not having the same specs as the original military design, has none the less proven very popular, especially around the frontier systems.

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