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Oolite OXP descriptions

Scripting: (refer to AI-reference.html)

General scripting:

(+introduced since which version)

AI-scripting: SomeAI.plist


specific methods/syntax?
Scripting in other property lists (Config);
Many of the same scriptingmethods can be used as in AI-scripting.
..greaterThan, lessThan, ifElse etc
.[example: meeting a ship at witchpoint]
.Specific methods/syntax
Mission scripting

.[example: placing a moon]

.specific keys, methods etc.
shipyard.plist -same as shipdata.plist
commodities.plist -none
demoShips.plist -none
hud.plist -none
speech_pronunciation_guide -none..
descriptions.plist -none..

Several of these plists still need a link in the directory, might I suggest grouping them under a topic called 'property lists'?

-Yours User:Arexack.

well, it's a slow business making these things ;)
you mean that several of the 'lesser' plists go together on one page? Property list omnibus? :D
the intent was to go about it in a pyramid sort of way, and let it grow from there. from OXP to OXP_howto to OXP_howto_plist, ..to_model, ..to_texture, etc. and from within each of those to link to all the necessary (greater) detail pages headed by the proper name of the item. but that, for instance, howto_plist would be the root..Murgh

Something like that. More like; have all plists (as links) listed under the topic 'property lists', then refer to them as needed in "OXP_howto_scripting" I got a bit derailed above naming all the plists instead of focussing on scripting and the plists the scripting methods are used in. Nice tobe onboard, but I should be doing other stuff right now. ;)..Arexack

it is a good, extensive list of many of the things we have and haven't learned, that should be put on record. We must work out a clever structure. Hope you get time to write some. Murgh