CR Leboeuf

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CR LeBoeuf
Owner Sang-LeBoeuf
Number 44
Colours Light blue
OC Light
OC Derby
OC Dragster
OC Marathon

Hi, I'm Jim Snarlg!

And I'm Busty Janari, your favourite galactic conditions-girl here at Channel Sport!, standing in for Bob Julvert. We know you're probably getting us beamed directly through the neural interface of your total immersion Critical Care Cryo-pod, so we'd just like to say we're all thinking about you, Bill.


What? <blank expression>

He's named Bob.

Oh, yeah, <giggle>.

Anyway, back to the latest news from the Galactic Racing League. After what felt like months of waiting, Team CR LeBeouf have finally unveiled their new racing strip! Busty, you were there at the unveiling, what was it like?

Well Joe, there were lots of nice guys there, all real polite and everything. They all kept commenting on how nice my blouse fitted, and the funny thing was some of them kept dropping stuff in front of me. I thought it might have been to look up my skirt, but they swore it wasn't so I had to believe them, but....

Busty? Uhh, I meant what was the team's new racing strip like.

<blank expression>

Uhhh, from what I've read, Misty, the team's strip is reminiscent of the one they used in their very first season, where they proceeded to win eight out of the ten races they entered. Maybe they are hoping to bring some of that racing spirit into this season. As I'm sure you know, although CR LeBeouf had a storming season last year, previous years have been dogged by bad luck, with sponsors pulling out mid-season, pilot deaths and a series of so-called 'accidents' resulting in serious damage to their main and reserve ships. Some people put this down to a disgruntled ex-pilot with a grudge against Club Racing LeBeouf, while others say it's something to do with the legendary curse that was supposedly placed on the Sang-LeBoeuf family itself centuries ago. What are you're thoughts, Misty?

Ya know, I think those guys were lying. I mean, how often can someone drop a cocktail sausage when you're talking to them, once, twice maybe?


I dunno, I think those Leboeuf guys are a buncha perverts, an' if they'd bin on ma homeworld, ma daddy an' ma brothers wudda bust all their heads tagetha....

Anyway.... I think we'll cut to Lars Ooverberck with details of the upcoming season and the truly stellar list of pilots who're going to be going head-to-head for the glory of that prestigious League Gold Ribbon this year. Lars?


Club Racing LeBeouf announces their new look, designed by renowned octopoid artiste Sukkaz.

After their stellar performance in last year's championship, CRLeB has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Lave Fried Trumble. LFT: it's tentacle-licking good. Warning: may contain small metal fragments, particles of console debris and/or cargo canister shrapnel.