Busy Ports OXP

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Station and robot
Robots and freighter with 6 cargo pods
Mining Outpost station? Mining machinery?

Busy Ports! Freighters with removable cargo pods, loading bots and a station, all busy doing their thing!


Griff created this OXP back in 2007. It was in effect "eye-candy" as the loading bots did not bring their cargo pods inside the stations. It ended up being raided by other OXP authors - the stations ended up as the Black Monk Monasteries, the Freighters ended up as the Imperial Freighters in the Dictators OXP, etc.

The plan here was to try and come up with a 'busy port' type .oxp, basically some small ships and stations with 'interlocking AI's' that we could quickly add to a system with a simple addship: command, by interlocking AI's what I mean is like what you suggest, autominers would pop out minerals, scoopers would scoop them, move off to the station to deliver, freighters would arrive depart etc, small tugs & cargo unloader bots would move amongst the ships etc. 

At the moment I've got the autominers producing occasional batches of minerals, and the collector ship occasionally notices and moves over to collect them but there are still a lot of bugs - hopefully these can be fixed by adjusting how often the autominers release cargo, at the moment this is et to be very often as I want to test the collectors' AI, but this is confusing the collector ship and I'm often seeing it moving around the asteroid field like the Pied Piper of Hamelin with hundreds of cargo pods trailing after it, give me a moment and I'll update the link in case anybody is brave enough to have a pick through and sort out the bugs. (Griff Feb 2007)