Beta Hydri

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System: Beta Hydri

High population outdoor world. Federation member.

Government Type

Federal Democracy

Economy Type





1-10 Billion

Sector Code

(0,-2), System number 1

System overview

Stable system with 30 major bodies

Primary star: Type 'G' yellow star

Spaceports and orbiters

Camp Schmidt: Small barren sphere of rock

Major starport: Andrewson Base

Camp Shepherd: Rocky planet with a thin atmosphere

Major starport: Fortress Richards

Orbiter: Edmondson High

Jordan's Legacy: Small barren sphere of rock

Major starport: Fortress Swallow

Homeland: World with indigenous life and oxygen atmosphere

Major starports: Dickens, Scott Town, Fortress Wagner, Hooper

Orbiter: Stevenson Base

New Caledonia: Terraformed world with introduced life

Major starports: Fort Grant, Sutherlandville, Gordontown, Camp Nesbitt

Orbiter: Mackenzie High


Major imports

  • Computers
  • Farm Machinery

Major exports

  • Grain
  • Fruit and Veg.
  • Animal Meat

Illegal goods

  • Narcotics
  • Animal Skins
  • Slaves
  • Battle Weapons
  • Nerve Gas

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