Arachnid Mark 1

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Arachnid Mark 1
Arachnid screenshot 4.png
Size (W×H×L) 74m×28m×90m
Cargo capacity 25 TC
Cargo bay extension 5 TC
Maximum speed 0.355 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 1.5
Pitch: 1.6
Energy banks 5
Energy recharge rate

Good (4.0)

Gun mounts 4No (Fore, Aft, Port and Starboard)
Missile slots 2
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 160,000₢


The Arachnid Mark 1 produced by The GalTech Industries Corporation is an attempt to rival Cowell & MgRath’s phenomenally popular Cobra Mark 3. Produced at the shipyards in the Ceesxe, Gerete and Edle systems, and also under license at many other facilities throughout the 8 galaxies, the ship is becoming a popular choice for both traders and bounty hunters.

Invariably the ship has also found its way in to the hands of many unscrupulous privateers wishing to combine good combat capabilities with a craft able of transporting a reasonable amount of cargo.

Designed as a general purpose craft, the intention is to allow the owner to reconfigure the ship to suit their own individual requirements. As a result this craft is equally suitable for combat, trading and passenger transport as well as being capable of carrying out some of the smaller cargo contracts.

Early prototypes suffered from a poorly performing propulsion drive however this initial setback has now been overcome giving the Arachnid Mark 1 a slight advantage over the Cobra Mark 3 in terms of both speed and manoeuverability. The profile of the craft is also approximately 80% that of the Cobra Mark 3 therefore making the ship a more difficult target to hit.

The downside to this improvement in performance and reduced size however is less internal space meaning that the maximum extended cargo capacity is 30T rather than the Cobra Mark 3’s 35T and that the maximum number of missiles is limited to 2.

In summary the Arachnid Mark 1 is very closely matched in comparison to the Cobra Mark 3 and the choice between the two appears to depend on the potential buyer’s preference for cargo transportation or combat.

Standard Equipment

Player ships - Forward pulse laser, fuel scoops and 1 missile.
Pirate version – Forward beam laser, rear pulse lasers, fuel scoops and 1 missile.
Hunter version - Forward and rear beam lasers, port and starboard pulse lasers, fuel scoops and 2 missile.
Trader version – Forward beam laser, rear pulse lasers, escape capsule, fuel scoops and 1 missile.

Ship Variants

The ship is available as a player craft and also as NPC trader, pirate and hunter vessels.

All NPC ships can, in addition to the standard equipment listed above, can be equipped with a wide range of upgrades.

Minimum Requirements

The OXP was designed to work on Oolite 1.76 but should also be compatible with future versions (The shipdata.plist is incompatible with versions prior to v1.75 because of the use of the scan_class key). No additional OXPs are required to be installed in order for this OXP to run.


Download from the in-game Expansions Manager

Or from here:Arachnid Mark 1 v1.01: then unzip this file, and then move the folder "Arachnid_Mark_1_V1.00.oxp " to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Then start the game up and you should find that the ship will have been added.


  • Author: Shipbuilder
  • For Oolite Version 1.79 or later
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 with clauses - see readme file


  • Version 1.00 - Release date 07/10/13.
  • Version 1.01 - Minor tweak to the forward view to ensure correct compatibility with different screen resolutions 08/10/13.


V1.00 – Thanks go to Griff, Thargoid, Commander McLane and Submersible for there help and advice regarding the use of shaders.
V1.01 - Thanks go to Cody and Duggan for identifying a issue with the forward view with different screen resolutions and testing a proposed solution.


Tutorial on the use of shaders in Oolite (2013)

Using the Arachnid as a model:

The tutorial document can be downloaded in pdf format here

The accompanying resource packs can be downloaded here

Arachnid Mark 1 Fix

This supplementary OXP by Dybal fixes the use of CARGO_RANDOM in the cargo_type field of the ship's shipdata definition. Such use made the Oolite populator consider the ship a cargo pod!