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The channel started in 2000 as a companion to the newsgroup, Since that time it's had a core membership, who can usually be found idling in the channel.

The channel is on the SynIRC network. Point your IRC client at port 6667.

There is one bot in the channel, |dizzy|. You can query this bot for stats on users, such as when a user last logged in, or how much they have chatted. Commands are sent just by speaking in the channel, but prefixing the command name with an !. Common commands are:

  •  !seen [nick] - Reports when the user [nick] was last seen in a channel that |dizzy| monitors.
  •  !stat [nick] - Chat statistics about a user.
  •  !top10 - Top 10 conversationalists
  •  !top20 - Top 11-20 conversationalists

Anybody who becomes a regular user of the channel generally gets given ops via chanserv. Theme

The theme for the IRC channel is Harvey Danger's song, "Flagpole Sitta". If you are familiar with the song, it probably tells you something about what to expect.