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System: Alioth

Capital of the Alliance.

The now famous capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems. This system was the subject of many battles between the Federation and the Empire over many years, until in 3230 the Alliance was formed in a massed insurrection against both sets of invaders.

The Alliance has now spread over many worlds, and so Alioth is now an important political centre. See Alioth System for system details.

Government Type

Alliance Democracy

Economy Type





1-10 Billion

Sector Code

(0,4), System number 0

System overview

Stable system with 20 major bodies

Primary star: Bright giant star

Spaceports and orbiters

Mackenzie's Legacy: Small barren sphere of rock

Major starport: Brisbane Town

Ousey Rock: Rocky planet with a thin atmosphere

Major starport: Curie Park

Orbiter: Irkutsk

Miller Rock: Rocky planet with a thin atmosphere

Major starport: Vancouver City

Orbiter: Melbourne Park

Turner's World: Terraformed world with introduced life

Major starports: Edinburgh, Lisbon, Belfast City, Melbourne

Orbiter: Casablanca Town

Argent's Claim: World with indigenous life and oxygen atmosphere

Major starports: New Rossyth, Fortress Culloden

Orbiter: Gotham Park

Wicca's World: Small sustained terraformed world

Major starports: Ghandi, Widow Citadel, New Chernobyl

Orbiter: Aachen Town

Camp Molotov: Small barren sphere of rock

Major starport: Lisbon Park


Major imports
  • Computers
  • Farm Machinery
Minor imports
  • Fertilizer
  • Heavy Plastics
  • Metal Alloys
  • Robots
Major exports
  • Grain
  • Fruit and Veg.
  • Animal Meat
  • Medicines
Minor exports
  • Water
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Liquor
  • Luxury Goods
Illegal goods
  • Narcotics
  • Animal Skins
  • Live Animals
  • Slaves
  • Hand Weapons
  • Battle Weapons
  • Nerve Gas

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