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Academies of Galaxy 8

The Freeland Academies of Galaxy 8 supply a significant fraction of the Galactic Navy's officer corp. There are concerns that the significant losses in the war against the invading Thargoids could lead to significant political instability.

  • The faculty of the Endiqu Academy are masters of political intrigue, in keeping with their home planet's 'slimly' reputation. Depriving the visiting Legean Academy cricket team of sleep with nearby rowdy discos during the annual tournament is only the beginning of their techniques.
  • The high burden of the Thargoid war has resulted in civil war enveloping Legean. Although some observers are suspicious of the neighbouring Endiqu Academy and its possible involvement.
  • With the sudden expiration of the Vegedius Academy Master during a delectable course of wolf meat the senate was finally able to remove his mile-high white marble statue that was rapidly becoming an object of worship by the recently disillusioned populace.
  • The Usreinxe Academy has made great strides in terraforming techniques. An unexpected consequence of its customized volcanoes and eye-pleasing canyon lands (to attract more tourism) was the abandonment of the ancient volcano-worshiping belief systems on distant Vegedius.
  • The Oredaris Academy is legendary for its courses in survival training and honing of special-forces operative skills. Enduring the forest training, and even been able to discern these masters of camouflage in their natural environment is an accomplishment. Although admittedly the abundant grubs are quite tasty to the human palate.
  • The claws of Aedis lobsters seem well suited to the gripping of the tennis racket and they excel in the interacademy mud-tennis championships. Not unexpectedly, the Aedis Academy specializes in small firearms and close-quarter combat.
  • Upon arrival at the Mageesti Academy most advanced students of propulsion engineering spend the first two weeks staring out of their office windows. The majority of the other students come from wealthy families and are 'parked' here safely away from the influences and pollution of their industrial home worlds. Having developed an appreciation for beach-front property the graduates of Mageesti become major players in space commerce, simply because they went to Mageesti.
  • The idyllic calm at Zaeded was recently shattered by the shooting of the Grand Vizier by the academy guards as she took a short cut across Brinder Quad to recharge her expired parking meter. Enrollment numbers have increased slightly.