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Academies of Galaxy 7

Countering the Thargoid threat has been made doubly difficult in Galaxy 7 with the self-serving behavior of the Corporate State Academies and the overall corruption and narcotics trade involving the major human colonies. GalCop accredited academies in the other galaxies eventually terminated reciprocal relations with the human-dominated academies of Galaxy 7. Eventually an offer from an 'Equality' of Academies representing all the non-humanoid species was reluctantly accepted by the other GalCop Academy members after 10 years of turbulent negotiations.

  • The Lizard Academy of Angeriri is following an ambitious plan to become the premier academy of Galaxy 7 and has benefited greatly from its reciprocal technology exchange program with the Recexela Academy of Galaxy 2.
  • In contrast, the Lizards of Diusace Academy focus their creative energies on playing pranks, both on the Academy authorities and the gullible lobsters of the neighboring academy in the Aededle system. The recent subterfuge development by Diusace students of worm-itters (the broadcast of short messages into neighbouring systems that can swamp communication satellites), are probably responsible for reigniting the meaningless escalations in violence that erupt in the civilian population of Aededle on a regular basis. The first recorded message received contained the phrase ' Your sister is a bit snappy '.
  • When not busy removing the recurring Thargoid battle-cruiser hull from the pinnacle of the Academy's pyramid, the Aededle Academy administration is rewarding their students with plenty of combat practice as they get called in on a regular basis to assist in subduing the civil unrest in the populace.
  • The Ateslete Academy's intellectual prowess attracted the attention of GalCop naval forces some time ago. The studious Insects of Ateslete specialize in wormwhole stability analysis, long-range scanner development, ordnance counter measures, and alternative propulsion techniques. The military-related research grants awarded to the Academy are substantial, along with compensation to the home planet's inhabitants for the core-stability disruption several years ago.
  • Although not known for their combat skills, the graduates of the Cerianon and Gedienza academies go on to fill significant roles in Corporations and high-risk ventures. One notable practice at these Academies is development of the combined skills of cunning and overwhelming military force. The unflappable Gedienza Academy administration continues to allow display of the fabled pink hog-nose tugship 'Hamlet' at the monthly Gedienza Academy poetry readings. All attempts by students of Cerianon in recent years to obtain the return of the tugship have spectacularly failed with only singed whiskers to show for their efforts.
  • The ruthless, and some would say, unethical business acumen of graduates from the Sorezaan Academy is well known. Indeed the Academy's admiralty lawyers led the Equality's protracted, and at times hostile, negotiations with GalCop. The academy's campus and training facilities are well funded.
  • Unlike Sorezaan, the not-for-profit status of the Orbelaxe Academy is rarely questioned by GalCop productivity auditors. The prime revenue generator for the Orbelaxe Academy is the touring chorus. Although fabled for their vocal range they are rarely visible in performances due to self-consciousness over their excessive sliminess.