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Academies of Galaxy 6

The human colonization of Galaxy 6 appears to have occurred in a coordinated and relatively rapid wave, leaving a long-established group of eight Homeland Academies on dictatorial worlds. After the withdrawal of the galaxy's democracy-world based academies from the Galactic Navy recruitment program, GalCop accreditation was straight-forwardly transferred to the Homeland Academies.

  • The Academy of Edbeined continues to claim that human colonization started on their world followed by the first interstellar travel, establishment of a pre-Reortian empire and so on. Although very ancient human artifacts have been found they appear to be slightly younger than those of Galaxy 2, yet intergalactic travel was not developed for thousands of more years. Furthermore the uniform founding charters of the Homeland Academies defy the Edbeined origin theory. The debate continues.
  • Scientist at the Academy of Enriorar have turned their xeno-botanical skills to addressing the rampaging local plague. The are making steady progress with Bi plant cultivation, the only known antidote.
  • Zarienla and Diatquor have formalized their dispute and abandonment of ionosphere energy extraction technology with their annual ice tennis tournament. The disputed modified mining laser, housed in a 200 m long Sarcophogus, is transferred from its temporary residence at Soansoar to the victor's planet in a grand celebratory armada whose historical origins are being rapidly forgotten by younger generations.
  • The only noteworthy comment on the Academy of Soansoar is their three-week annual guardianship of Kappa, the historical mining laser. The attempts to hijack Kappa during its transit constitute an excellent training opportunity for the student population.
  • The complicated and tortuous political developments on Orteve have moulded its Academy into a power-house of political pundits. They are confident that a great empire is imminent, a prediction that most other academicians ignore. But the combat training of the cadets certainly anticipates this.
  • Eager to maintain their homeworld's status as boring and not attract too much attention, the Riesonso Academy is also alleged to be pursuing plans to displace the local GalCop presence.
  • Ready access to Beenorian Itusmaal brandy aggravates the already slightly weird and unstable mental sate of the Bebidiso populace. Students at the Bebidiso Academy either succumb in a similar way, or develop sought-after evasive manoeuvering and space-craft defense techniques.