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Academies of Galaxy 5

The high Thargoid threat in the 'upper' Galaxies (5 through 8) has forced GalCop to focus on the accreditation of academies based at Democracy worlds. With the notable exception of Galaxy 6, where battle fatigue has made Democracy worlds reluctant to supply more 'turret fodder' for the Galactic Navy.

  • Ereddive students pay high fees to attend their Academy but in return receive exemplary facilities. The compulsively-groomed domed cricket fields are the envy of Corporate Worlds, with graduates of the Academy receiving lucrative offers to become Corporate representatives.
  • In contrast, Zaeredre students follow ancient rituals in a minimalist setting. The training required to reach the level of 'cloud fire' awareness in combat has its origins in this world's hallowed karate traditions.
  • A long-running and expensive legal war has raged between the Edquonen and Ororbe Academies for the last 15 years over patent rights to energy-extraction from electrical storms. The financial neglect of the actual research and development required resulted in the Corporate World of Recexela in Galaxy 2 becoming the sole commercial source of this useful energy-extraction technology.
  • Students from wealthy families have a difficult time choosing between the Teatriin and Raatzama Academies. The mathematically inclined are encouraged to attend Raatzama, whereas Teatriin is ideal for those students with good social skills and the ability to remember the names of attendees at parties. They are highly sought after by recruiting Corporate States.
  • Terraforming engineering is the forte at the Usorbela Academy, although there is still some embarrassment over the attempt to increase agricultural yields. Latest studies suggest that the oceans should recover in a few decades and the continental rifting has almost ceased.
  • The most prestigious engineering academy continues to be Inenares, one of the colony planets established by the philanthropist Dire Boring during the New Oregon Trail migrations. However in light of the work undertaken by graduates from this school over the last few decades across the GalCop galaxies, some regard the Register's updated entry using lower-case b in the planet's description was not accidental. Naturally the students find the academy quite exciting, especially the need to jump across the waste-liquid canal to get back home after evening entertainment.