Academies/Galaxy 4

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Academies of Galaxy 4

Communists control everything in Galaxy 4, including the flight training schools. Their training techniques can appear unorthodox compared to the other GalCop accredited academies, but is of high quality.

  • The two great mining academies, Riceatra and Arceonre, specialize in carpet-mining of large rocky bodies and development of large refining craft. The engineering skills are complemented by training in anti-piracy tactics.
  • Controversy continues to surround the re-opening of the Raceedat Academy after the accidental outbreak of the Raceedat phage. The Academy's long tradition of researching and combating microbiological warfare is a core expertise that GalCop cannot afford to ignore. Its graduates are widely distributed throughout the 8 galaxies engaged in specimen collection, and perhaps less honorable activities euphemistically referred to as terra-forming.
  • The secretive Encegequ Academy is rumoured to engage in speculative research on telepathy and other psychic techniques. In the past it has expelled a number of promising doctoral thesis candidates for violations of the ethics code.
  • Chronic central-planning mismanagement has reduced Uscearti and its Academy to near ruins. Hopefully the recent intervention of GalCop, the overnight removal of the former inebriated faculty, and revisions to entertainment programming will see a return of this Academy to its former glory.
  • Recent political developments involving the Cebima Academy are difficult to follow. The chairman's 'little red book' has fallen into the pincers of an isolationist group and is likely to restart the civil war. The recent surviving graduates of the Academy are in high demand to counter other lobstoid insurgencies.
  • The Teceteis and Vecedius Academies pride themselves in high academic and practical achievement with their Design Bureaus engaged in a distinguished rivalry. The sight of 300 year old refurbished transporters still in combat operation is surprising enough, let alone their formidable manueverability and speed against the latest couriers. The Design Bureau at Vecedius Academy is rumoured to be seeking relocation due to the excessive bureaucracy associated with pre-approval of the 69,105 permitted reasons for sick-leave.

All 8 academies are rated equally in the feared 'Treeoid Egalitariate' of Galaxy 4 academies, but some academies are clearly more equal than others.