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Academies of Galaxy 3

The technology back-water of Galaxy 3 has seen remarkable economic growth with the inflows of credits from various GalCop advancement programs. One of the founding members of the galaxy's organization of academies, Raarcege, descended into civil war over a decade ago and motivated the founding by GalCop of additional academies in a loose organization of worlds still ruled by multi-governments. Graduates from these academies are unlikely to be able to finance their own ship and tend to enlist in expedition or transportation work.

  • The remains of Raarcege's academy produces well-regarded large capybara-like combateers. Eager to escape the carnage of their home world they make loyal chatty side-kicks and one day hope to return to their peaceful swampy forests. Some scholars have commented that the civil war on Raarcege appears to be connected to a visiting treeoid professor from Cequaa who conducted a summer field-research project here twenty years ago.
  • The neighbouring academy at Cequaa has seen significant improvement in its financial endowment over the last twenty years and the faculty now enjoy lavish travel funds, especially for research projects designed to be conducted in other galaxies. In addition the governing body no longer considers junior faculty applicants from Encegequ in Galaxy 4.
  • The Riarribi Academy has expanded to accommodate the strong need to train future haulers travelling in this unsafe galaxy. The Lizards inducted at Riarribi are confident that they will establish major Corporate trading empires in the near future.
  • The student prospectuses for Orqulela and Aquusen are highly misleading. Aquusen is a dangerous place for unsuspecting off-worlders on weekend hikes. As for Orqulela, their prospectus is characteristic of an industrious beaver-like population who seem very focussed on their self-promotion and claim everything is trivial to accomplish. Their unbounded optimism is useful however in a space battle. Send them in first.
  • The hard-working squirrel-like inhabitants of Anquvein take pride in the recent promotion of their technology level, and their new Academy no longer being rated lowest by GalCop. How exactly they have mastered energy-extraction from their ionosphere is hotly debated in higher academic circles but is already lucratively licensed to the Corporate World of Recexela in Galaxy 2.
  • Ararin is a popular academy for wealthy students from nearby feudal and dictatorial systems. Its recent academic achievements, or intellectual prowess of its more famous students, are hard to identify.
  • The kindest thing to say about the students of Arbeis is that they were rejected by their first choice (Ararin) and have ended up in a revolting back-water of the galaxy.