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Academies of Galaxy 2

Very few graduates from the Galaxy 2 academies become available on the open job market. Instead most of them have been sponsored through the Corporate-owned academies and have received a very high standard of training in combat, bounty hunting and mercenary skills. As these schools are the oldest and most established in Galaxy 2 they are accredited by GalCop in the hope of poaching some of the students in the future.

  • The Esrilees Academy claims to be the oldest academic institution in the Galactic Cooperative, tracing its foundation to a medical school founded over 2000 years ago. The advancement of human colonization with accompanying interactions with new sentient species drove the interest in xenobiology, which continues to the present day. The 'lethal' waters of Esrilees have found a host of medical uses in both human and alien ailments and Esrilees possesses the most extensive and exotic botanic gardens in the Galactic Cooperative. Acquiring medical knowledge has strong commercial and military interests with many sentient species not releasing their biology knowledge voluntarily.
  • The recently established Tezaeded and Xeabiti academies are rumoured to specialize in the techniques of xenopsychology and special land-fall operations respectively. Very little is known about the training or future significance these academies but they are presently very well funded by commercial and military interests.
  • The Aesaus Academy provides excellent training for exploration and expedition specialists. Such specialists are highly sought after for their skills in establishment of mining claims and subsequent effective subjugation of indigenous species.
  • The Laraisso and Recexela academies' high-witchfuel students have already been selected for fast-track promotion through their sponsoring corporate states. Upon their completion of combat training, corporate leadership and population manipulation methods they will take up their positions as corporate officers.
  • Usqurave is the other ancient academy in Galaxy 2. The origins of the Academy can be traced to the study of xeno languages and culture. There are strong indications that the academy produces highly regarded espionage specialists and assassins.
  • Anonmabi is a product of the new era of the Galactic Cooperative with significant student membership from other galaxies. Anonmabi is no longer regarded as a satellite campus of Recexela and its reputation is rapidly spreading as a source of highly competent space combatants. Although their availability is limited due to the requirement that they return to their home galaxies upon graduation.

Together with Usqurave, Laraisso and Recexela are regarded as the most prestigious, 'Tulip Eutopia', academies of Galaxy 2.